Christopher M. Wess

Christopher M. Wess

Chris Wess is the President and Co-Owner of Wintellisys.   He has more than 22 years delivering IT services both internally and externally.  Chris comes from a deep technical background starting early in his career at the University of Memphis where he supported his schooling by working as a PC Tech at Advanced Computer in Memphis. From there Chris was able to leverage that experience and move into the server and network world at EMI Records in Nashville.  His career afforded him an opportunity to see the global footprint of IT while at NCH where he was able to see 16 countries and deploy some of the first international networks leveraging technologies we take for granted today like  vpn tunnels over the public internet, Microsoft exchange, and the full MS Backoffice suite of products.

Chris’ early foray into managing large networks as a manager of IT operations from a corporate perspective honed his sharpness for the special needs and considerations that could be delivered by a professional services organization.  His many years at Unisys taught him the importance of methodology, and delivering repeatable services which provide measurable value and with a high degree of quality.  It was this focus on quality along with his technical depth and the player/coach ability which awarded him the largest Unisys Managed Services Contract in their history to build-out the  Transportation Security Administration Immediately after 9/11.

Chris didn’t’ stop there.  Since then he’s been hard at work focusing on large and medium sized business as they engage in Mergers, Acquisitions, and consolidations.  He is deep with Active Directory, Exchange, FIM, PKI, and Direct Access but also has been the chief architect in very large Datacenter Moves, System Center Private and Public Cloud Implementations along with some  Advanced Networking and Security capabilities.  This well rounded experience and talent affords Wintellisys the credible expertise needed to market itself as the trusted advisor desired by todays demanding IT Savvy corporations.

Today Chris enjoys spending quality time with his 3 children and his wife Brandie.  He and Brandie are expecting another child in December.  When he’s not at home he and the family enjoy Pickwick lake to canoe, Jetski, or just hanging out making sandcastles.  Chris is an avvid runner completing 6 marathons and is now training for a full IronMan in Chattanooga in late September.


Damien Lanza

Damien Lanza

Damien Lanza is one of the principal architects and co-owner of Wintellisys, Inc.  He graduated from Penn State University in 2000 with a BS in Business Administration, concentrated in emerging technologies.  Upon entering the work force, he began his career in managing Active Directory (AD) and Exchange environments.  Throughout his career he has expanded on that AD and Exchange knowledge growing from managing a single domain with less than 800 users to environments with 90k plus users spanning all over the world.

Expanding the breadth of his skill set, Damien began work in the migration space handling divestitures, acquisitions, and consolidations of various disparate systems for a multitude of organizations. The organizations ranged in size from small “mom and pop” companies to Fortune 500 organizations. Regardless of the complexity of the project, a cool and calm demeanor is maintained throughout duration of the engagement.  He is a level headed individual who loves solving puzzles and challenges before him.

During his spare time he enjoys spending time with his high school sweetheart and wife of over 12 years and their three young daughters.  Traveling, fishing and swimming are favorite past times of Damien and the family.


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