How Office 365 is Beneficial for Your Business

Office 365 is a suite of services offered by Microsoft. It is the same Office you already know and use every day, but with a slightly different interface and many more features. We have spent some quality time together checking out Office 365 and what it can do for small to mid-sized businesses in previous posts. Now, take a look at what this cloud based productivity tool from Microsoft can do for you and your business. After all, it’s your business that you worry about so, if you are looking for the IT support experts, Wintellisys is best for you.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to pay for the services you use, and nothing more Microsoft offers a range of monthly subscription plans for their cloud-based productivity tools offering- Office 365. With the minimum amount you can receive a number of services by Migrating to MS 365.

Anytime, anywhere access to– email, contacts, calendars, files, documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, and every other Office 365 function on just about any mobile device, including iPads, iPhone, and Android devices.

Ease of use: across all digital environments,with access to Outlook, Word,Excel,OneNote,and PowerPoint.

Enhanced Collaboration: Office 365 enhanced the collaboration on even the largest files. Rather than trying to email huge data packages, Office 365 allows you to create password protected access to share large, difficult-to-email files within your organization. This provides you with a single, easy-to-find location for all versions and variations of every document in your system.

Increased Security and Enhanced Reliability: With Office 365 and Azure Services, you no longer need to wonder if your system is secure, since Microsoft Azure services will handle all your server needs with enterprise- grade, reliability, disaster recovery capabilities, data centers in multiple locations, and a start privacy policy.

Access your email, calendar, and contacts across all digital environments powered by Exchange Online, Office 365 provides you with a 25 GB mailbox, with contacts and a calendar that is available virtually anywhere at any time.

•Office 365 is fully compatible with Outlook and Exchange Online
•Large mailboxes that are easy to use
•Professional looking email addresses
•Automatic updating of email, contacts, and calendar across digital devices
•Check the availability of your colleagues from the Outlook calendar
•Antivirus and anti-spam protection
•Access to other email accounts

Manage office 365 for a single, easy-to-use interface Managing Office 365 is accomplished from an intuitive, web-based portal accessible only to those you designate. It was designed for organizations without an IT staff, with simple navigation and low-tech solutions, allowing you to easily establish user accounts, assign various roles others, and configure the services you will be using.

•A simple, user-friendly admin interface
•You control access to all data, critical and otherwise
•Set up separate user accounts for each employee
•Add administrations to help you manage the system
•Administer your public website
•Control costs by controlling the number of users

So, being aware of the numerous supporting benefits of the cloud will allow you to maximize your migration to office 365. It also allows small business to increase their professionalism, use training that you already received, work anywhere with the connectivity and provides a secure work environment. These factors make office 365 the best that a small business can get with a small upfront cost.

Secure Your Sensitive Data with Reliable IT Security & Compliance

What is the most important thing that people look for, no matter if they are visiting a school, a workplace, or even somebody’s house? It is safety and security. Lack of security leads to robberies and other such crimes that we read in daily newspapers. Same in the case of IT Sectors, these days IT Security Services are an essential requirement for business. Every business in the developed world uses computers, and most of these are connected to the internet.

However, this technology revolution comes with its own set of problems concerning information security; there are threats from outside (hacker), from inside (accidental or deliberate misuse), and from natural hazards (fire, power cuts, etc). This means that many businesses are finding it necessary, for the first time, to consider using IT security services from a reliable service provider.

We have heard it over and over again; protect your personal information because identity theft is a standout amongst the most pervasive violations current online and digital environment. A criminal can do a lot with your personal information, which incorporates destroying your credit records and your credibility.

Data security is an imperative part of the modern business environment. Personal information has become one of the most valuable commodities, targeted by hackers and thieves tightly guarded by consumers. IT Security compliance is required by the major credit card companies of every vendor who processes stores or transmits this delicate data, but adhering to the standards of the PCI is the best way to increase data security and customer loyalty.

Before moving further, let’s discuss something about HIPPA Compliance:

What is HIPPA Compliance?

The Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPPA) were enacted in 1996 to do four things: protect the health insurance of workers in the event of job transition, establish federal standards for computerized healthcare transactions, establish federal identifiers for healthcare parties and health insurance plans, and improve the security of patient medical data. For attorneys, this fourth aspect of the act – the security medical data – can bring unique compliance issues to the discovery process. In order to retrieve medical documents, attorneys must comply with the guide for HIPPA Compliance rules. Otherwise, they risk not receiving a document on time, or worse yet, criminal penalties.

At Wintellisys, we help companies all around the world that are dealing with regulatory compliance for instance PCI, HIPPA, etc. We provide unconventional IT Security and compliance way to give your business the right place against any compliance risk. With us, data is in safe hands, our patriot compliance act, including SOX and HIPPA compliance sets all standard for protecting sensitive data.

Today, security is the top most important concern for every business owner; at Wintellisys our experts make all possible efforts to lessen all your problems. Here you can expect plenty of IT services such as Secure Email, Wireless security, Networking security, and more.

Migrate Your Documents to MS 365 for Ultimate Protection

Worldwide, the number of organizations (large and small) moving to MS 365 is exploding. However, making the change from Exchange to Office 365 can be more time-consuming and difficult that many anticipate. With this, it is important that people understand their options and what to expect when making the upgrade. If you want to expand your business, but not ready to pay more servers, then Office 365 can help you to stay in the competition.

Advantages of Office 365

There are a number of advantages that come making the Migrate to MS 365. With Cloud-based system, companies are able to retire old hardware and lower the ongoing capital costs associated with maintaining a physical server. Office 365 offers users more functionality and staff will never have to worry about making upgrades as these are done automatically. In addition, new features are being added all of the time and these become available immediately after they go live on Office 365.

Increased Privacy and Business Compliancy: Office 365 has three main functionalities that allow all companies to keep their businesses compliant. Data loss prevention, Unified e-discovery, and Control access to information. These features can protect sensitive information, create data loss prevention policies, enable rights management, and create access policies.

a) It is Simple to Learn and Easy to Use: Businesses don’t have to install complicated systems and employees won’t have to learn a difficult new software tool.

b) Improved Communication and Collaboration: Office 365 allows small businesses to create password-protected portals to share and upload large documents both inside and outside the company.

c) No Advanced IT Knowledge: Office 365 small business is designed for companies without IT staff, so they can easily set up and use it. Plus, they don’t have to install new versions or updates.

d) Increased productivity: It allows businesses to work from anywhere, anytime, and respond to important requests in real-time.

Today, Office 365 and Azure services is no more a big deal because IT professionals will always try to upgrade the technical knowledge and certifications, so that you will get the desired services. Here, at Wintellisys our precise team can migrate your mailbox from an exchange online server to office 365.

Moreover, these two service works on a same fundamental. The service package is powered by the cloud, giving you freedom to access your applications and files virtually anywhere, as Office 365 and Azure services both are cloud computing services of Microsoft. With office 365 you can work on documents or files stored in the cloud, even when you are offline.

So, being aware of the numerous supporting benefits of the cloud will allow you to maximize your migration to office 365. It allows small business to increase their professionalism, use training that you already received, work anywhere with the connectivity and provides a secure work environment.

Secure Your Corporate Sensitive Data with Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by almost all the companies. What a big organization actually requires is disaster recovery software and a marvelous disaster recovery plan to minimize the overall effect of a disaster if it faces. The disaster can occur either in the guise of important data loss or outage of the network. So, it is imperative to keep secure your sensitive data with the Cloud Disaster Recovery Service.

Data loss is a common problem these days that everybody faces because of the presence of hackers, viruses, spams and spy wares. Disasters can be due to natural instances like fire, attacks caused by terrorists, landslides, floods and so on. The terrorist attack on the eleventh of September and Hurricane Katrina are some of the examples that lead to failure of IT network, hard drive loss and various others. Business ventures, today, keep continuing whole day with the aim of maximum productivity. Therefore, the idea of a good disaster recovery system should always be the matter of concern and should not be subsided.

Organizations call various expert agents that provide alternate equipments as per the plan of disaster recovery. As it is a big thing, legal procedures are to be there. It would be a brilliant thing to have an effective and efficient disaster recovery plan. One thing one can do is making a reliable backup, there are numerous of backup software are available in the marketplace and one is Azure Backup. This backup will help you to deliver pioneering cloud solutions that augment the security and minimize any possible risks, reduce costs and boost connectivity.

Wintellisys promise to provide you with:
An IP that accelerates migration to Windows Azure
A perfect cloud strategy to offer a secure path for cloud migration
A reliable and affordable strategy for integrating systems on premises and beyond

Azure Backup is one of the amazing cloud computing platforms that will not only provide a safeguard for your sensitive data, but also saves your time and money. There are a number of benefits which cloud gives to your business:

Availability: With the advancement of the internet, you can access cloud system from anywhere at anytime 24*7.

Elasticity: It scales up and down quickly to meet cloud computing demand.

Simplicity: Free IT from managing servers and updating software.

Affordability: Pay only that much which you use, and minimize the hardware costs.

Cloud computing platforms offers numerous solutions to your IT business problems it reduces cost, enhance productivity and the best part is that, you can access your data, applications, corporate email from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing provides a top-notch security for all your important documents, just migrate your data from on-site server to cloud and your data is fully protected.
Cloud computing has the potential to change the way organizations view and deal with IT needs. So, it is vital to include cloud computing for your current and future needs.

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Cloud computing provides a number of important rewards- including lesser expenditure, quicker server deployments, and superior level of resiliency. What is habitually overlooked is how the cloud computing, severely changes the game for IT server disaster recovery in conditions of considerably lesser expenses, quicker recovery times and improved testability.

Your recovery time, which also known as downtime to some, is the amount of time your systems are offline when a disaster occurs. Your job as IT professional is to ensure maximum business continuity, so you want to make every possible effort to minimize recovery time and keep your critical data safe. Having the cloud disaster recovery at hand during a disaster is critical if you truly want to recover your complete data.

When you heard the word “disaster” in terms of your systems, you may think about things like a hardware failure or a system crash. These and other disasters can absolutely cause a full system break, and other catastrophes that can affect your system on this large scale include natural disasters that can occur, and this may include the intentional or even accidental deletion of a single file or folder. All of these things could cause data loss as well as downtime to your organization, so you need to have a speedy cloud backup and azure backup service to dwindle from this problem.

As you explore disaster recovery services, you will want to keep in mind that getting the system up and running again with all files, folders, and applications fully restored in a short time is critical. Cloud backup solutions can take just a few minutes to do a backup function, but some can take hours. As an IT professional, paying attention to the features in your solution that will hasten or delay your recovery process is critical. Consider things like whether the solution allows for virtual storage of your backed-up images, granular as well as full restore processes, and more.

One of the biggest factors that can delay your recovery time is using a disaster recovery solution that has a difficult management interface. You will want to make sure that the solution you are currently running is completely easy to use for all recovery features and operations. It is always beneficial for you to take the latest products on the market that are currently running. This will help to protect your data from unwanted threats, malware, and virus. Numerous latest products on the market provide a very easy-to-use interface in order to offer the fastest recovery time possible.

Cloud computing will not only remain a staple in modern business, but will likely streamline organizational operations in many new ways, as well as expand upon its current uses. To secure your corporate data, it is beneficial to attain a cloud computing platform in your work environment.