Secure Your Corporate Sensitive Data with Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by almost all the companies. What a big organization actually requires is disaster recovery software and a marvelous disaster recovery plan to minimize the overall effect of a disaster if it faces. The disaster can occur either in the guise of important data loss or outage of the network. So, it is imperative to keep secure your sensitive data with the Cloud Disaster Recovery Service.

Data loss is a common problem these days that everybody faces because of the presence of hackers, viruses, spams and spy wares. Disasters can be due to natural instances like fire, attacks caused by terrorists, landslides, floods and so on. The terrorist attack on the eleventh of September and Hurricane Katrina are some of the examples that lead to failure of IT network, hard drive loss and various others. Business ventures, today, keep continuing whole day with the aim of maximum productivity. Therefore, the idea of a good disaster recovery system should always be the matter of concern and should not be subsided.

Organizations call various expert agents that provide alternate equipments as per the plan of disaster recovery. As it is a big thing, legal procedures are to be there. It would be a brilliant thing to have an effective and efficient disaster recovery plan. One thing one can do is making a reliable backup, there are numerous of backup software are available in the marketplace and one is Azure Backup. This backup will help you to deliver pioneering cloud solutions that augment the security and minimize any possible risks, reduce costs and boost connectivity.

Wintellisys promise to provide you with:
An IP that accelerates migration to Windows Azure
A perfect cloud strategy to offer a secure path for cloud migration
A reliable and affordable strategy for integrating systems on premises and beyond

Azure Backup is one of the amazing cloud computing platforms that will not only provide a safeguard for your sensitive data, but also saves your time and money. There are a number of benefits which cloud gives to your business:

Availability: With the advancement of the internet, you can access cloud system from anywhere at anytime 24*7.

Elasticity: It scales up and down quickly to meet cloud computing demand.

Simplicity: Free IT from managing servers and updating software.

Affordability: Pay only that much which you use, and minimize the hardware costs.

Cloud computing platforms offers numerous solutions to your IT business problems it reduces cost, enhance productivity and the best part is that, you can access your data, applications, corporate email from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing provides a top-notch security for all your important documents, just migrate your data from on-site server to cloud and your data is fully protected.
Cloud computing has the potential to change the way organizations view and deal with IT needs. So, it is vital to include cloud computing for your current and future needs.

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Cloud computing provides a number of important rewards- including lesser expenditure, quicker server deployments, and superior level of resiliency. What is habitually overlooked is how the cloud computing, severely changes the game for IT server disaster recovery in conditions of considerably lesser expenses, quicker recovery times and improved testability.

Your recovery time, which also known as downtime to some, is the amount of time your systems are offline when a disaster occurs. Your job as IT professional is to ensure maximum business continuity, so you want to make every possible effort to minimize recovery time and keep your critical data safe. Having the cloud disaster recovery at hand during a disaster is critical if you truly want to recover your complete data.

When you heard the word “disaster” in terms of your systems, you may think about things like a hardware failure or a system crash. These and other disasters can absolutely cause a full system break, and other catastrophes that can affect your system on this large scale include natural disasters that can occur, and this may include the intentional or even accidental deletion of a single file or folder. All of these things could cause data loss as well as downtime to your organization, so you need to have a speedy cloud backup and azure backup service to dwindle from this problem.

As you explore disaster recovery services, you will want to keep in mind that getting the system up and running again with all files, folders, and applications fully restored in a short time is critical. Cloud backup solutions can take just a few minutes to do a backup function, but some can take hours. As an IT professional, paying attention to the features in your solution that will hasten or delay your recovery process is critical. Consider things like whether the solution allows for virtual storage of your backed-up images, granular as well as full restore processes, and more.

One of the biggest factors that can delay your recovery time is using a disaster recovery solution that has a difficult management interface. You will want to make sure that the solution you are currently running is completely easy to use for all recovery features and operations. It is always beneficial for you to take the latest products on the market that are currently running. This will help to protect your data from unwanted threats, malware, and virus. Numerous latest products on the market provide a very easy-to-use interface in order to offer the fastest recovery time possible.

Cloud computing will not only remain a staple in modern business, but will likely streamline organizational operations in many new ways, as well as expand upon its current uses. To secure your corporate data, it is beneficial to attain a cloud computing platform in your work environment.

Sharpen up Your Business Skills with Virtualization Technology Service

Computers are needed by nearly everyone these days, and one way to address this need is by utilizing server virtualization. Servers are the systems that host applications and files of various websites and computerized systems. Some are dedicated to one use while others are powerful for many simultaneous applications.

Before moving toward Virtualized Servers, let’s first discuss about virtualization:

The term virtualization disseminates widely throughout the business world, but what does that term really mean? The term virtualization is used to refer to a number of different technologies, but it is most commonly associated with the servers and server technology.

In its simplest terms, virtualization technology service means disconnecting, or decoupling the software used on that server from the hardware itself. It represents a huge monetary savings opportunity for businesses. Virtualization revolutionizes software licensing as we currently know it and application developers are scrambling to develop new licensing models.

By enabling a single computing source to run as multiple logical resources it can allow multiple users to access a single server application without violating traditional licensing models. Vendors using virtualization software enable other applications to run on logical partitions at the application layer. This makes the software transparent regarding its physical location, thus rendering traditional per processor software licensing meaningless. Along with multi-core processors on the hardware end, virtualization is forcing new licensing methods on all software application developers.

There are a number of benefits of having only one application per server include that it simplifies setup as well as troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, the technicians know which application caused the difficulty. If multiple applications are on one server, it is wise use of powerful machine, but it can be very complicated when troubles arise. Multiple apps mean weeding through everything to figure out where the snafus lie.

Server virtualization is one answer to these quandaries. Software has been designed to create a multitude of virtual device working together. “Virtual” is different than “actual”, using these devices; computerized processing is a commodity that customers are able to purchase when they require it. Virtualization is not a new concept, but rather an ongoing trend. Keeping admin tasks in one location is one of the goals with these operating systems.

Along with the virtualization technology service there is one other thing you must consider is the security of your corporate data. With continuously increasing with data growth and a growing confidence in data for business continuity, companies need to secure their data and can be recovered quickly by using the minimum of space for the maximum benefit. With Altaro VMware you can easily protect your data, documents, apps and other critical corporate data in the cloud. This VM backup is a full-featured and easy-to-use VM backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware, giving you all you need at an amazing affordable moment, backed by spellbinding support.

Whatever your IT Company is facing, Wintellisys is the perfect destination for you to resolve all the issues. Our-techno expert create the most secured virtual environments for you whether you are looking for storage virtualization, network virtualization, operating virtualization, or application virtualization we ensure to bestow you the best results.

Give Your Business a Secure Environment with IT Managed Services

In this fast paced world, everything is very dynamic, so that the technologies. It is growing extremely fast so that businesses need to be getting reformulated. The business environment is technically knowledgeable and globalized and it is very critical for every business to pay attention to their entire settings in terms of IT.

One of the most challenges businesses face today is finding ways to optimize operations and stay on the top of the completion. Companies that rely heavily on IT support, their operations can take advantage of IT managed services to minimize their operating costs and maximize the IT infrastructure’s capabilities. Before knowing how infrastructure management IT services can help you bring down the operating costs of your business, you have to understand what these services are offered.

What is IT Management Service?

IT Managed service is a term which is used within an organization to improve the information technology that depicts a key approach for designing and managing. The goal of Wintellisys is to provide superb IT Service Management framework which ensures you to place the right processes, people and technology so that the organization can meet all your business needs.

At Wintellisys, we offer numerous Infrastructure Management IT Services such as alert, security, patch administration, data backup and recovery for various client devices; desktop, notebooks, mobile, servers, storage systems, networks and applications. We also take a keen observation to ensure nothing goes wrong. If we find any bug or glitch, we take all crucial steps to fix them as soon as possible.
Small and medium size businesses and startups in particular, may find the cost of maintaining a complex infrastructure to be daunting, especially during these challenging economic times when business is forced to work on a tight IT budget. It Management Services offer number of services such as Outsourced Server management, Desktop Management, Application Managed Services, Workspace Services, Global Field Services, End User Services, and Service Desk.

Our main aim is to scale IT managed services to manage global networks, applications, and databases. The key objectives of infrastructure management IT services are:
 To decrease the duplication of effort
 To increase productivity
 To ensure adherence to standards
 To decrease business risk
 To ensure business continuity
 To ensure minimum downtime
 To adhere business plans
 To increase service quality
 To reduce operational cost
 To improve adaptability

Infrastructure Management Service is extremely important for tech-savvy environment, because of its various benefits, providing the clients more time, updates, information related to their sectors, training session of the employees and an enhanced productive level of services and revenues.

If you are also looking for a reliable infrastructure service provider, Wintellisys is the perfect place for you; we offer desktop management, application managed service, workplace service and above all we outsourced spectacular server management services that include hosting cloud, storage, collaboration, system monitoring and much more.

Give Your Business a Secure Environment with IT Security and Compliance Act

We have heard it a number of times; protect your personal information because identity theft is a standout amongst the most pervasive violations current online and digital environment. A criminal can do a lot with your personal information, which incorporates destroying your credit records and your credibility.

Data security is an imperative part of the modern business environment. Personal information has become one of the most valuable commodities, targeted by hackers and thieves tightly guarded by consumers. IT Security and compliance is required by the major credit card companies of every vendor who processes, stores or transmits this delicate data, but adhering to the standards of the PCI is the best way to increase IT security services and customer loyalty.

At Wintellisys, your data is fully secure, our patriot act compliance protects your sensitive data with our two major compliance act; SOX and HIPPA compliance act. We are living in the era where personal information is considered as the most valuable commodity; customers should have proper information about their data, whether it is secure and have a priority on guarding their personal data.

As an online merchant, if you host and process your credit card exchanges through a complaint service provider. You also need to demonstrate and prove your consistent with the standards because of the activity that you perform in your business place. But, Wintellisys and its staff have been helping several companies throughout the world deal with that regulatory compliance such as PCI or HIPPA. We ensure you to provide a right technology, process and reporting for your business.

At Wintellisys, we help companies all around the world that are dealing with regulatory compliance for instance PCI, HPPA, etc. We provide an unconventional IT security and compliance way to give your business the right place against any compliance risk. With us, your data is in safe hands, our patriot compliance act, including HPPA and SOX compliance sets all standard for protecting sensitive data.
Protecting your corporate data and securing emails are very imperative issues that all organizations are facing today, and at Wintellisys our experts make all possible efforts to dwindle all your problems. Here you can expect plenty of IT Security and Compliance services:

• Wireless Security: Wireless security provides a way to get protection for your business or property with easy installation and without the limitations experienced with the more conventional hardwired security solution. Wintellisys offer dynamic wireless security so that you can access your hardware anywhere at any time.

• Networking Security: Network security is to secure both public and private PC networks, used every day to conduct transactions among businesses and people. Any business identified by IT system framework needs to make sure to establish a strong, secure network for their data and systems.
With the growing industry, computers being infected by risks and when it comes to fixing technical issues with the help of a variety of IT products, it is better to contact your risk and management professional. Whether it is concerned with network, wireless devices, reporting, and firewall functioning or whatever you need in terms of security Wintellisys provides you everything.