Enterprise Mobility Services


Initiating Mobile Trends for Complete Customer Satisfaction


Are you trying to create a shift in the work habits of your employees but constantly failing? Well, Wintellisys won’t let you fail because we’re offering this commendable service called Enterprise Mobility, a trend towards a shift in the work culture and work habits of employees who’re make use of mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.

Doing Enterprise Mobile Services the Wintellisys Way

We’re not the people in the crowd; we’re unique just like our ideas and we’re committed towards a common goal- customer satisfaction. We ensure that when a customer comes to us for enterprise mobility services we provide him/her with whatever we can. We scrutinize the business, its ongoing position and create the system that can remain the best for many years. When providing you the service we consider security to be on the top of the list; a research done by our professionals’ reveals that it is concerned about risks but is falling short on policies and tools.

The Hidden Benefits & Few Risks- But You Still Need It!

Employees can upload corporate presentations and other data from the desktop PC to a cloud storage service provided to them, and may then access it from their personal iPad etc. Enterprise Mobility Services also improves employee productivity but involves a few risks, which obviously our team can resolve for you. We’re trained and certified to understand how the pitfalls need to be resolved and exactly what needs to be done for a 100% effective Enterprise Mobility Service for your business.

Want Help from Us? Send Us an E-mail Right Away!

We’re never really far when it comes to providing undaunted services to our clients and potential customers; we strive hard and ensure you’re satisfied with our work. If you’re looking out for somebody who can ensure you authenticity of work as well as complete customer satisfaction, then drop in a mail on our e-mail id; we’ll be happy to assist you with our enterprise mobility service at the earliest.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services

Cloud Migration- For Enterprise Modernization

Maximize the existing technology investment of your business with cloud-first approach to enterprise modernization. The practice of this service permits using a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process the data that is either located on the local server or a personal computer.

Make the Most of Cloud Computing- That’s What You Need

While the rest if the world will tell you stories of how difficult it’s been migrating to cloud, we’ll tell you only about how happy you’ll be once it’s all done. Our cloud-computing experts assess your current technology portfolio that helps in determining the assets that cloud to the cloud and those that don’t. Once this is done, we use our expertise in application & system integration, enterprise mobility and business analytics strategies to help you get the most from the existing technology and make maximum benefits of your migration to the cloud.

How we do the things we do

We, at Wintellisys understand everything that you still haven’t said but are experiencing every time; therefore, we bring for you our incredible team of professionals who have the experience and the expertise in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms to deliver smooth and successful cloud migrations. Challenging our limits and achieving perfection in whatever we do is our motive; therefore offering completely reliable services is our habit. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all our endeavors, Cloud Computing being on the top of the list. Our professionals ensure that your demands are successfully met and fulfilled, and that you enjoy our services to the fullest.

Our Cloud Computing Services & Support- Because We’re Dependable

Our work doesn’t simply end when migration has been done; rather we prefer to stay around all the time to ensure you get the answers to all the queries whenever you need them. Our support sell and system are fully integrated and have the knowledge to answer all the important questions for you. Wintellisys has the experience, tools, templates and libraries to reduce any potential risk as well as to accelerate a successful cloud migration strategy. We wouldn’t ever leave you without an answer, and that is what makes us dependable for most migrants who initially find it difficult to handle the changes.

Office 365 and Azure Services

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Need Help with Office 365 and Azure? Wintellisys is Here!

Office 365 and Azure is no more a big deal because the professionals of Wintellisys are right there with our upgraded technical knowledge and certifications to ensure you get the help and services when you desire. Our precise team can migrate your mailbox from an exchange online server to office 365.
Office 365 can standardize your environment giving you access anytime, anywhere to your office applications. Easily communicate and collaborate with your peers as well as colleagues outside of your organization.
Whether you are on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet you can seamlessly transition between each platform giving you a unified experience.
Implementing Office 365 is easier than you think. There is no advanced IT knowledge required for adding this service to your already existing environment. To find out more about the varying features of Office 365 click here. (ç make this the hyperlink for the new page with the O365 features and benefits)

Scalable Solution for Complex Needs- Windows Azure

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Wintellisys and our highly goal oriented professionals leverage Windows Azure to deliver pioneering cloud solutions that augment the security and minimize any possible risks, reduce costs and boost connectivity, enabling you to further business needs. We ensure perfection because we promise to provide you with-

  1. A perfect cloud strategy to offer a secure path for cloud migration

  2. An IP that accelerates migration to Windows Azure

  3. A reliable and affordable strategy for integrating systems on premises and beyond

Migrate to MS 365 from Wherever You are Now!

All of us at Wintellisys are successfully trained to help you migrate from MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010 to the latest version of MS 365, that’s exactly how quick we are, and obviously we’re expert at it. We accelerate you migration process at the earliest possible, that’ why we signify speed. When you contact us for services we ensure that everything fits in your budget, there no hidden costs, so you can trust us with your money. We also offer a complete range of support services to keep your cloud environment the smoothest, we ensure satisfaction.

Directory and Email Migrations


Wintellisys- Your People for Directory and Email Migrations

If you feel Directory and Email Migration isn’t an easy job to do, then you’re certainly mistaken; all you need to do is hire professionals who know what you’re looking for and have their expertise in the desired field.

Directory and Email Migrations are simple and easy tasks for us, and we do them with extreme expertise. When we say we are professionals in the field, we mean you can trust our experience since we understand the technicality that exits behind the name as well as the various pitfalls that need to be covered when performing either of the two.

Our successfully trained and certified individuals take the task in their hands only to fulfill your desires, and we make sure that your demands are adhered within the allotted time slot. We’re a team of responsible people who ensure you get the best solutions exactly when you need them. The best men from our team dependably take up the work and perform migrations for you.

Scenarios for Migration-

For any of the 4 scenarios of email and directory migration, get in touch with us-

  1. Consolidation

  2. Backup

  3. Coexistence

  4. Upgrade