Email Migration: Simplest Way to Protect Your Data

Many people keep secure their entire email database and search it later for records, they need to keep up with but most of us don’t back up that data. In today’s thriving web era, all individuals prefer to trial the most effective techniques convoyed with a wide range of features and incredible approaches. The same concept is applied for securing the database. If you want to keep your data secured and want to access it anytime, anywhere, Email migration is like a gratuity for you.

Today, email services caught the entire attention of most of the people and experts, as mailing has become the best way to communicate with others for professional or personal purposes. It is not just a way to communicate; the users want to keep their entire records in their account, but they all desire for a way to handle their multiple mail accounts quickly and enhance their experience. But sometimes your data can lose or breach, to protect your data it is better to migrate it from office suite to the cloud.

Cloud service provides a number of benefits for businesses such as cost-efficiency, security, compliance, continuity, stability, scalability and resilience- all of which can be achieved by utilizing the cloud applications. If you want to switch your corporation or personal emails without fear of losing your previous email data, an email migration is the perfect solution.

Some email migration also provides continuous, transparent email replication so that instead of taking benefit of single point-in-time migration rollover, the user can take benefit from ongoing mailbox co-existence and seamless transition. However, Active directory is an efficient migration tool; ensuring data is moved accurately and successfully without impacting business procedures.

Here are some of the benefits associated with the email migration service:

Access Important Document at Anytime, Anywhere

Email migration provides web-enabled access to emails on almost any deice- including iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, PC, etc. it frees you to work where and when you choose, letting you respond to important requests right away, from almost any location. With the ability to access email and documents from your mobile device, you just need an Internet connection.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use

Email Migration is easy to try, simple to learn, and straightforward to use. For this you don’t need to learn special software, install complicated systems, or learn new jargon. Within few minutes you can create a trial account and see how easily your business can adopt the cloud.

Extremely Secured Platform

Security is the priority of any business, your corporation as well as your personal emails must possess some confidential data and it is imperative it must be secured. If you migrate your emails to the cloud, you need not to be worried about security. By utilizing this feature, your business can protect its mailbox information.

With the advancement in technology, a large number of email migration tools have been developed such as Active Directory Migration and these types of migration tools are availing worth offers to convert data files. If you are looking for the best email migration company, why don’t you try Wintellisys? Other than email migration we also offer multifarious IT services, including data center consolidation, IT Security and Compliance, Cloud Computing and much more. Give us a chance, we guaranteed gratify you with our effective and affordable IT services.

Directory and Email Migrations


Wintellisys- Your People for Directory and Email Migrations

If you feel Directory and Email Migration isn’t an easy job to do, then you’re certainly mistaken; all you need to do is hire professionals who know what you’re looking for and have their expertise in the desired field.

Directory and Email Migrations are simple and easy tasks for us, and we do them with extreme expertise. When we say we are professionals in the field, we mean you can trust our experience since we understand the technicality that exits behind the name as well as the various pitfalls that need to be covered when performing either of the two.

Our successfully trained and certified individuals take the task in their hands only to fulfill your desires, and we make sure that your demands are adhered within the allotted time slot. We’re a team of responsible people who ensure you get the best solutions exactly when you need them. The best men from our team dependably take up the work and perform migrations for you.

Scenarios for Migration-

For any of the 4 scenarios of email and directory migration, get in touch with us-

  1. Consolidation

  2. Backup

  3. Coexistence

  4. Upgrade