Directory and Email Migrations

Wintellisys- Your People for Directory and Email Migrations

Wintellisys- Your People for Directory and Email Migrations

If you feel Directory and Email Migration isn’t an easy job to do, then you’re certainly mistaken; all you need to do is hire professionals who know what you’re looking for and have their expertise in the desired field.

Directory and Email Migrations are simple and easy tasks for us, and we do them with extreme expertise. Our binary tree migration makes your work easy with its user-friendly and low risk factor. When we say we are professionals in the field, we mean you can trust our experience since we understand the technicality that exits behind the name as well as the various pitfalls that need to be covered when performing either of the two. Our migration wiz perform smooth, and automated email migration and archiving from source to destination platforms.

Our successfully trained and certified individuals take the task in their hands only to fulfill your desires, and we make sure that your demands are adhered within the allotted time slot. We’re a team of responsible people who ensure you get the best solutions exactly when you need them. The best men from our team dependably take up the work and perform migrations for you.

Scenarios for Migration-

Scenarios for Migration

For any of the 4 scenarios of email and directory migration, get in touch with us-

  1. Consolidation

  2. Backup

  3. Coexistence

  4. Upgrade

We’re Different because- We’re Not Ordinary!

We’re Different because , We are Not Ordinary

We’re not ordinary people; we’re skilled, trained, and technically experimented for knowledge of the subject. We also have the required experience and that’s exactly what makes us stand out of the rest of the world. We’re here to stay and to provide you undaunted services whenever you need them. Unlike the others in the industry, we take into close account everything that’s necessary during the email and directory migration process, including the things that need to be considered and those to be avoided other than the tools that we need all through the process.

Offering Undaunted Services- That’s Who We Are

Offering Undaunted Services- That is Who We Are

We, at Wintellisys, do not make fake promises because we’re not faux people; we’re real and our services speak for us just the way they’ll speak for you. We promise to provide you undaunted email and directory migration services and we do that with extreme perfection. We make sure all the pitfalls during the process and we have the system to cover all of these like they never existed. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and that your work is never hindered in the process of migration. Reducing the unnecessary downtime is what successful migration means to us.

Let us do the email and directory migration services for you, because you’re special!!!

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