IT Security & Compliance

IT Security & Compliance (Network, Wireless, Firewall, Logging, Reporting)

Don’t burden yourself hearing the myths about IT Security, because you can very well overcome them once you understand its need for your organization. Forget about the myths and take a stance to defend your digital business with intelligent security; adopt the unconventional IT Security and Compliance way to give your business the right place against any competition risk. Your data is in safe hands, our patriot act compliance including HIPAA and SOX compliance sets all standard for protecting sensitive data.

IT Security and Compliance

How Wintellisys Offers Incredible IT Security & Compliance

Wintellisys and its staff have been helping companies around the world deal with regulatory compliance such as PCI, HIPPA etc. We can show you how to ensure your organization is the right position from a technology, process, and reporting perspective. We also help customers understand how they can extend Active Directory to include other non-Microsoft technology and services to create a one source repository for managing other OS such as Linux, Unix and Mac OS x . We show the customer how to meet those requirements for strictly controlling access to customer data, authenticating business users, monitoring access, maintaining a secure network, and auditing resources.

What More to Expect from Us?

Wintellisys ideas

At Wintellisys we never run out of ideas, we believe that every day is a new beginning, we encounter problems and we never let them get into our head and that’s exactly what we tell our customers. Our IT and business experts develop and implement a new security approach for you, something that ties security to business goals, battling a wide variety of threats, and embrace emerging technologies to support you venture’s recreation of new digital business opportunities. We offer you the following under IT Security and Compliance-

  1. Network Security

  2. Wireless Security

  3. Firewall Security

  4. Logging Security

  5. Reporting Security

It doesn’t matter what you’re expecting from us in terms of IT Security and Compliance, because we’ve been trained to offer you services that are best suited for your business. We understand the type of service that makes you appreciate us; whether it is concerned with Network, wireless devices, firewall functioning, logging and reporting details or anything else concerned with security, you can reach us any time.

How to Contact Us?

to contact us

Get in touch with us through phone or mail and tell us what you want us to do for you, and we will within no time provide you our services of Security and Compliance.

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