Office 365 and Azure Services

Need Help with Office 365 and Azure? Wintellisys is Here!

Office 365 and Azure is no more a big deal because the professionals of Wintellisys are right there with our upgraded technical knowledge and certifications to ensure you get the help and services when you desire. Our precise team can migrate your mailbox from an exchange online server to office 365.
Office 365 can standardize your environment giving you access anytime, anywhere to your office applications. Easily communicate and collaborate with your peers as well as colleagues outside of your organization.
Whether you are on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet you can seamlessly transition between each platform giving you a unified experience.
Implementing Office 365 is easier than you think. There is no advanced IT knowledge required for adding this service to your already existing environment. To find out more about the varying features of Office 365 click here. (ç make this the hyperlink for the new page with the O365 features and benefits)

Scalable Solution for Complex Needs- Windows Azure

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Wintellisys and our highly goal oriented professionals leverage Windows Azure to deliver pioneering cloud solutions that augment the security and minimize any possible risks, reduce costs and boost connectivity, enabling you to further business needs. We ensure perfection because we promise to provide you with-

  1. A perfect cloud strategy to offer a secure path for cloud migration

  2. An IP that accelerates migration to Windows Azure

  3. A reliable and affordable strategy for integrating systems on premises and beyond

Migrate to MS 365 from Wherever You are Now!

All of us at Wintellisys are successfully trained to help you migrate from MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010 to the latest version of MS 365, that’s exactly how quick we are, and obviously we’re expert at it. We accelerate you migration process at the earliest possible, that’ why we signify speed. When you contact us for services we ensure that everything fits in your budget, there no hidden costs, so you can trust us with your money. We also offer a complete range of support services to keep your cloud environment the smoothest, we ensure satisfaction.

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