A simple timesheet app using Power Apps

This blog post may help a few IT professionals to build user interfaces using Power Apps with less or no coding experience. To understand the Power Apps in a fun way, we intend to build a timesheet application with an SQL database as a backend data source.

This example will show you how simply anyone can use Power Apps for different purposes.


  1. Power Apps.
  2. SQL Database.

Goal to achive with Power Apps

Our goal is to create a simple timesheet application that provides the listed functionalities

  1. Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) operations on SQL table TimeSheet.
  2. Update the display name field as last name, first name format, based on the first and last name field value.
  3. Set the start and end date to today.
  4. Calculate the total hours and insert in SQL table.

Let us achieve our goals using a simple formula and with zero development experience.

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