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Passion for What We Do

Microsoft Azure cloud migrations flow through our veins. It’s all we do. It’s like dirt under our fingernails. It’s on the soles of our boots. We live and breath it. It’s in our DNA. Seriously.

If we can't migrate your company to the cloud on-time and within budget, no one can. 

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and the gold standard.

We’re the Microsoft Gold Partner that companies like ServiceMaster, Newberry Tanks, Ambler Surgical, the Pensacola Shipyard, Marvel Aero International and many more turn to for Azure, Microsoft 365 and Office 365 solutions and migration services. We'll deliver for you too. That's a promise.

We’re not just experts at diagnoses, we're problem solvers. We solve IT. We can help consolidate your data centers, implement custom IT solutions or move you to Office 365. We do that, and more.

We've faced the toughest technical challenges. Our team has conquered too many issues to list here. Our experience runs the gamut. 

Our vision is to replace old-world, on-premises IT with simple, scalable and secure cloud services that your company can flourish with. We want to help you compete and thrive by freeing you from the shackles and cost of traditional IT.

With over 2 million seats moved to the cloud, we’ve got migration down. Every member of our team has multiple MS certifications. Our team leaders have more than you can count.

Meet Our Cloud Industry Leaders

Chris Wess, 
CEO & Managing Principal

​As CEO, Chris creates the vision for the company and sets the go-to-market strategy.  Chris’s primary focus is to ensure that Wintellisys becomes a material contributor to our clients success.  As a ‘player coach’, he creates solutions that enhances internal customer operations, their go-to-market solutions and service delivery.

Chris began his career in the early 1990's by starting the first company to provide commercially available Internet service to the greater Memphis, TN area.  Later in his career, Chris would travel to over 26 countries building out a global exchange environment for a Fortune 500 chemical company.

Chris then became a leader in the Unisys ‘Practice’ for the Southern region known for pioneering Managed Services, security solutions, deep Microsoft competency, and advanced enterprise networking.

After 9/11, Chris was chosen by Unisys executive leadership as team leader responsible for delivering a $1.7B engagement to secure 400 airports and create working infrastructure for 65,000 federal employees.

Chris’s certifications include: Microsoft Certified System Engineer + Messaging + Security, MCSA O365 and Azure Solutions Architect.

Chris has completed 8 Chicago marathons and an Ironman Triathlon in Chattanooga, TN. He is also an ultramarathoner. He enjoys boating, doting on his young children and is currently training for the next Ironman Triathlon in Florida.

“I’m motivated by an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and to be successful in my career thereby creating security for my family.  As a competitive triathlete my work ethic for the sport reinforces the discipline I apply to my work and family to always be the best I can be no matter the distance or fatigue; You just do it.”

Damien Lanza, 
COO & Managing Principal

​Damien Lanza is one of the principal architects and co-owner of Wintellisys. He graduated from Penn State University in 2000 with a BS in Business Administration, concentrated in emerging technologies.

He began his career in managing Active Directory (AD) and Exchange environments. Throughout his career he has expanded on that AD and Exchange knowledge growing from managing a single domain with less than 800 users to environments with 90k plus users spanning all over the world.

Expanding the breadth of his skill set, Damien began work in the migration space handling divestitures, acquisitions, and consolidations of various disparate systems for SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Regardless of the complexity of the project, a cool and calm demeanor is maintained throughout duration of the engagement. He is a level headed individual who loves solving puzzles and challenges before him.

During his spare time he enjoys spending time with his high school sweetheart and wife of over 12 years and their three young daughters. Traveling, fishing and swimming are favorite past times of Damien and the family. 

Lester Sanders, 
COO, Wintellisys Europe

Lester is a seasoned IT Professional specializing in leading and managing large scale integration, migration and transformation projects. Working across a broad spectrum of verticals including Utilities, Financial Services, Security and Media he brings a wealth of experience to the table both in terms of technical leadership and change management.

His early career in the Royal Air Force formed the foundations of resilience, stamina and positive energy that have support a varied and dynamic working life from new startups to FTSE 100 corporations.

During spare time Lester enjoys cycling, maintaining his personal fitness and spending time with his young family.

Ronan Keane, 
Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Ronan’s primary mission is to position Wintellisys as a leader in the Azure cloud space. Ronan also develops marketing strategies and demand generations plans to increase sales.

Ronan’s focus is to promote brand recognition and help Wintellisys gain a competitive advantage in the Azure marketplace. Ronan’s responsibilities include shaping the company' public profile and creating and managing the voice of the customer across Wintellisys.

Ronan is a veteran marketing leader and has more than 16 years of experience in digital marketing and demand generation. He has worked for XO Communications (now Verizon Business Markets), Vonage Business and Centerfield Business, one of the largest telecom resellers in the U.S.

He has helped manage large-scale international digital initiatives including the integration of disparate national websites into one global website for Renault.com in Paris, France. He has worked with brands like Popular Science Magazine, Black and Decker, GE Plastics and others.

Ronan single-handedly ideated, launched and managed a social selling and digital marketing program that generated $42 million in revenue for XO Communications over a two-year period. Forrester recognized Keane with a Groundswell award for his visionary work. LinkedIn asked him to serve as keynote speaker at LinkedIn’s Sales Connect Conference in 2015.

Ronan is an avid runner (3 miles every day) and has competed in 5 multi-day adventure races, an Olympic distance triathlon and multiple 24-hour mountain bike races. He lives with his wife and two sons in Northern Virginia.

Tom Hetzer, 
Director of PMO

Tom is the Director of PMO. He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute.

Tom has 10+ years of project management experience implementing Oracle ERP Systems for International operations throughout Europe, Asia, and North America along with 25+ years of software and SQL development.

He has managed a variety of international project teams including on-site and remote locations working with internal resources, consultants and off-shore teams.

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