Office 365

Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Office 365

  1.  Stop buying hardware

First, you probably already know that servers are expensive. You buy the equipment, install software, then comes endless updates and patches. Then, you have to repeat all of this in a few years when the hardware and software is out-of-date. Stop the cycle and move to Microsoft Office 365. This monthly subscription service is less expensive. Plus, software updates will happen automatically.

  1.  Save money

When you choose Microsoft Office 365 through Wintellisys, you will save money on licensing costs, hardware, software and even energy (no energy-hogging servers). We can assist you in choosing the best Office 365 version and options to fit your business. Our Microsoft Gold Certified IT professionals will transfer your digital assets and minimize disruption for your employees.

  1. Improve productivity

Next, Office 365 gives you and your team access to your files from any device. Whether you’re traveling or working from home, your files will always be on hand. You get the most secure cloud-computing platform and access to a wide range of applications through Microsoft.

  1.  Secure your data

Microsoft Office 365 combined with Wintellisys services will take your security to the next level. We bring together best practices from two decades of building enterprise software and managing online services.  Multi-factor authentication, built-in antivirus and anti-spam protection along with advanced threat protection safeguard your data from external threats.

  1.  Save your valuable time

Finally, Wintellisys’s responsive service and advanced tools allow you to stop wasting time on managing server upgrades and software patches. We can manage your Microsoft licenses and on-board and off-board users quickly and efficiently. We save your valuable time and effort. Our help desk will provide you with fast support.

Call us at (901) 248-0004 or email to learn more about Wintellisys and Microsoft Office 365.

Migration to Microsoft Office 365 for 50 – 2,500 users

  • You can quickly deploy Office 365 when your local Wintellisys representative meets with your team to build a plan for the transition that will minimize interruptions to your business operations.
  • Our team specializes in Office 365 – we use it every day! We will save you time and money and simplify the move for you.
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and that means you are working with a team of IT professionals with the highest expertise.