Adopting Azure Virtual Desktop Management

CloudNova AVD Manager

Many organizations are adopting cloud desktop services to have a secure and accessible workflow. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is among the leading cloud desktop services that offer great options for configuring a cloud-based system. Azure Virtual Desktop Management is required to help with management operations, such as cost analysis. To fully adopt and ensure that it is utilized efficiently, a great management solution, like CloudNova, is needed.

Why Choose CloudNova?

Implementing industry standard Azure Virtual Desktop is a significant first step towards secure desktop virtualization. For the organizations that have already adopted this system, it is essential for them to implement a management solution that integrates with AVD and makes their virtual desktops more efficient.

You will get the following benefits from CloudNova by Wintellisys as your Azure Virtual Desktop Management solution.

Multi-Tenant Support

Making a tenant, which is a collection of host pools in which multiple sessions are running in MS Azure as virtual machines, is essential in desktop virtualization. CloudNova takes it one step further by giving you the accessibility of creating as many tenants as you need. It also manages those multi-tenants automatically.

Having multi-tenant support decreases costs as multiple users share a database and also makes data more accessible and streamlined. 

User Management Features

Azure Virtual Desktop Management solutions like CloudNova come in handy while completing user tasks like filtering connections, forcing logoffs, and similar tasks using a single cloud console.  

Resource Tracking

Virtualization desktops need efficient resource tracking that can help improve efficiency and reliability. Virtualization management solutions provide real-time resource tracking and adjust these resources according to users’ workflow.

CloudNova makes it easier to track resources like user activities and status precisely.

Cost Analysis

Another great feature to have in an AVD management solution is a cost analyzer. Wintellisys CloudNova implements a top-quality cost analyzer that can be useful when analyzing data charts. In Azure Virtual Desktops, a bunch of data is created that can be extremely useful if adequately studied. Analyzing that data with the cost analyzer feature can help reduce costs, provide better resource allocation, and solve problems.

Real-Time Dashboard

True desktop management means providing real-time solutions in a single place for all managerial tasks. CloudNova is top-notch in providing a real-time dashboard using Single Cloud Software for all AVD tasks such as active sessions, load balancing, host pool health, etc.

CloudNova AVD Manager

Security and Compliance

Cloud services for desktop visualization are far superior to local virtual desktops because of the security protocols they follow. AVDs using Azure Cloud Services are backed by cyber security experts and are trusted by companies like Rackspace, Audi, and Orica. When choosing an Azure Virtual Desktop Management solution, selecting the most secure option makes sense.

CloudNova offers PCI Security, which is a global forum for the adaptation of data security standards, as well as Compliance Status for the resources of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). 

Predefined management options 

Predefined features of CloudNova also make the process more effective by excluding the repetition of mundane tasks. The system can automatically scale the number of sessions depending on the previous workload, considering various holidays. It can also log out users that are separated from the system.


Azure Virtual Desktop is an excellent way of enabling Azure virtual desktop management on all devices of your entire organization. It helps with load balancing, web access, gateway, diagnostics, creating host pools, and more. Therefore, adopting the Azure virtual desktop management solution to simplify your Azure virtual display is a no-brainer. CloudNova, with all its unique perks, is an excellent solution for AVD management.

Need guidance in setting up CloudNova? Get in touch with the AVD expert team at Wintellysis to have a complete walkthrough. 

About the Author Anton Tverdokhlib