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Successfully Migrate Your Sage Software to Azure.

Choosing Wintellisys to migrate Sage 50, Sage 300, Sage Evolution or Sage X3 means you get all of the benefits of the cloud and eliminate many of the drawbacks of on-premise accounting software.

Sage software migration to Azure with Wintellisys has been especially designed to solve many of the issues of running on-premises accounting software often criticized by businesses.

Get the best IT service for Sage with no annual contract

Cloud Benefits

Azure is able to address many of your pain points. By hosting Sage on Azure servers and accessing it over the internet means there’s no need to buy, set up, configure, or maintain dedicated Sage server hardware on your premises.

This reduces the overall struggle of your internal IT environment and allows you to adopt managed IT services instead of employing IT people. As Sage is running on Azure, it’s always up-to-date without you having to do a thing. 

There’s no need to manually update servers and clients to the latest version. It’s there, updated, and ready to go.

Free Consultation

Wintellisys makes the migration process as easy as possible. We offer a free site assessment and consultation that establishes how ready you are to transition Sage to Azure. We also provide advice on what you need to do when it comes to solution architecture.

Once your readiness has been established, and you decide to go ahead with the move, Wintellisys handles the transition from start to finish. It’s an end-to-end solution that offers everything you need to use Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 300 or Sage Evolution directly from the cloud.

This is a risk-free service with no up-front commitment.

Azure Vs. Sage One

Although the SageOne accounting solution is cloud-based, it has a limitation that Sage hosted in Azure does not; it’s separate standalone payroll and accounting software with no integration to existing business systems. Sage hosted in Azure does, making it a far more flexible option for people looking to integrate financial functionality into other parts of their business.

Cost Savings

Sage in Azure by Wintellisys is a month-to-month cloud-based service, which means there's no annual contract. You can cancel at anytime for any reason. 

Free Migration!

There is no separate cost for migration, it's free. So you get everything in our Sage in the Azure cloud service for one low monthly investment.

Additional Benefits

With all the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud, end users of Sage hosted in Azure get access to their choice of Sage 50, Sage 300, Sage Evolution or Sage 3X without having to pay for, build, or maintain your own servers.

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