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Azure Optimization

Azure Cost & Performance Optimization

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azure optimization

Why Azure Optimization?
Reap the benefits with Azure optimization.

  • Our proprietary dashboard, CloudControl gives you a complete view of resources used and recommends optimization for savings.
  • Get clear and actionable recommendations to increase performance, security, and affordability.

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azure optimization

Wintellisys Azure Optimization

Managing Azure cloud costs and the many services and consumption options can be complex and is likely to result in significant cost inefficiencies and budget challenges. We encourage Wintellisys clients to use the following points to successfully manage Azure deployments. 

Azure Optimization Best Practices

  • Plan for Azure cost optimization to be an ongoing process
  • Consider purchase commitments
  • Determine an initial baseline, then monitor and right size 
  • Evaluate your options before adding new workloads 
  • Apply governance and prevent orphaned resources and overprovisioning 
  • Invest in your cloud cost optimization team 
  • Invest in CSEM (Core Security Event Management) capabilities 
  • Optimize the network 
  • Right size storage and manage data life cycle 
  • Use Azure SQL Database, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Container Service and Azure Functions to optimize for value and costs​


Small Effort, Big Savings

For Wintellisys Azure clients, our Optimization Team evaluates your existing set-up and makes clear and actionable recommendations to increase performance, security, and affordability. Our guidance is also based on Microsoft’s latest Best Practice directions. Along with performance and cost optimization assessments, we offer Azure assessments for adding high availability and optimizing storage. 

Our optimization toolset has both graphical and automated solutions that interact with Azure to: 

QUANTIFY—Our proprietary developed dashboard is where it begins. Aggregating a simple cost view with recommendations across PaaS and IaaS resources, shows in detail how much savings is possible without any business impact. 

SLEEP—Non-production servers only need to be online when your employees are working on them.  Wintellisys offers a suite of on-demand and scheduled tools that allow you to turn off or de-allocate over 70 percent of the time, which is a direct 70 percent cost reduction. 

REDUCE—Azure allows you to quickly change the size of a server with a simple reboot.  Reducing the size and cost of a virtual machine by more than half, at large scale enables you to rapidly use the flexibility of the cloud to control IT spending.

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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