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Azure Security Services

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Why Azure Security?
Your business is safe and secure with Azure.

  • Microsoft invests over a billion dollars annually into cybersecurity for the Azure platform.
  • Azure has built-in security controls to help you get protected faster across identity, network, data and tools to help you with security management and threat protection.

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Azure Security Means You're Safe

Your business can take full advantage of multi-layered security across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations provided by Microsoft Azure. Benefit from state-of-art security provided by MS Azure global data centers.  

Azure cloud is built with customized hardware, has integrated security controls in the hardware and firmware components, and extra protection against threats like DDoS. Benefit from a highly-skilled team of more than 3,000+ cybersecurity experts who work side-by-side to protect your data and business assets.

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You're in Safe Hands

Our Azure Security Practice includes everything from Azure Penetration Testing (pen testing) to cybersecurity assessments. We provide a full-range of services to help clients ensure their data is safe wherever it lives. 

Utilize our security experts and experience for the following Azure security topics: 

  • Pen testing 
  • Cybersecurity assessments 
  • Setting up security monitoring and auditing 
  • Threat detection 
  • VM hardening 
  • Vulnerability assessment 
  • Intrusion detection and prevention 
  • Data/network protection and encryption 
  • MFA access to servers 
  • Guidance on governance and controls 
  • Expertise on industry specific security such as Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail 
  • Know-how on setting-up Azure for GDPR, safe harbor, and other regulatory compliance 
  • 3rd party security product recommendations 


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Built-in Security Controls

Security is ultimately a joint responsibility between our customers, us and Microsoft. When your company puts your workloads and data on Azure, we recommend you follow security best practices. Azure has built-in security controls to help you get protected faster across identity, network, data and tools to help you with security management and threat protection. 

Security Features Include: 

  • Manage identity and access with Azure Active Directory
  • Secure your network with secure site-to-site VPN, built-in Web Application Firewall and Azure DDoS Protection
  • Safeguard data and manage secrets with Azure Key Vault, Data encryption controls and Azure confidential computing

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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