Benefits of Azure Cloud Services

Benefits of Azure Cloud Services

Enterprises rely on cloud computing to facilitate necessary business processes and maintain their competitive edge. With Azure, enterprises can build, deploy, and manage their business app without purchasing or maintaining the necessary infrastructure. There are various benefits of Azure Cloud Services, and we’re going to discuss them below.

Azure cloud services are secure and seamless. More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure with their corporate data, preferring it to many other cloud service providers in the market. Big players like NASA use Azure for their cloud and hybrid solutions. The integrated cloud resources meet all security and compliance requirements that are easily customizable to meet the unique needs of every enterprise.

Why choose Azure?

You need to pick an impeccable service that will make your processes efficient, allow you to scale when needed, and let you handle the billing yourself. Undoubtedly, the benefits of Azure cloud services are worth the effective pricing strategy adopted by Microsoft.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Services

Here are the top perks you can enjoy by opting for Azure cloud services through Wintellysis. 

High service speed

Microsoft’s definition of speed is remarkable; you can get your data from anywhere around the globe by utilizing data centers across a range of Azure geographies. Therefore, with Azure, you won’t need to worry about the cloud speed, ping rates, jitter, or lag, and your operations will proceed at maximum efficiency.

With fully-automated solutions, businesses that rely on Azure for daily data, storage, or processing needs observe a significant improvement in start to finish times for most of their processes. The pre-built tools make marketing products more accessible and quicker than first creating the tool from scratch. 

Flexible resources

Azure is a champion for flexibility or scalability; you can access more resources with a single click to upgrade your service levels. Similarly, you can reduce the service levels when you no longer require extra computing, storage, or support. 

Microsoft has built 60+ Azure regions worldwide to allow you to backup your data in more than one place. Apart from diversifying the risks, this gives you better options for speed, customer service, or compliance in situations where geographical location matters. 

Delivery pipeline integrations

Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end suite that offers services that help businesses complete their processes through one environment. The unified delivery pipeline does everything, from source control to testing, integration, and delivery. Updates are rolled out without disrupting the existing applications and services.

Developers consider an entire suite of services because if a disruption occurs in one of their services, they don’t want it to impact the other. Azure can be depended on to create security patches, bulk up features, and create more service levels. Rest assured, one Azure service will not break the others being relied upon.

Recovery from disasters

Azure offers a variety of disaster recovery tools that help keep downtime to a minimum. Apart from the leading encryption features, you can back up complete systems and their data to the client. Thus, Azure ensures that you stay within your recovery targets and that your users don’t experience lag or functionality problems.

Azure lets you create virtual systems to test your applications, so you don’t have to wait for a disaster to understand the behavior of your application. You can design a continuous plan to virtually test your applications, identify the bugs, and then resolve them before your application becomes accessible to your customers. 


Microsoft injects a $1 billion investment into cybersecurity research and development every year. Therefore, you can utilize the power of Azure’s many remote physical data centers to keep your confidential data secure on Azure cloud services. Indeed, Microsoft has embraced the future and proven its commitment to meeting all compliance requirements, making it perfect for corporations and startups. 

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