Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager – User Sessions Management Tool

What is AVD Sessions Manager & Features AVD Sessions Manager allows you to manage sessions for all host pools. You can add multiple tenants in AVD Sessions Manager and manage all sessions of the

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How to shadow AVD Sessions using PowerShell

Shadowing Session allows the Administrator to view and control the remote desktop session to which the user is connected. With session shadow, the admin can view the Session, take full control, or view

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Cloud Solutions For Manufacturing

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to optimize their operations, and even the most apprehensive organizations are being forced to embrace digital transformation. IT decision-makers aim to optimize

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How to Log Off and Remove User Sessions Remotely with Power Shell

Many tech pros encounter and withstand repetitive tasks, handling things through the point-and-click approach. Automating things can be the ideal approach to deal with such scenarios. That is precisely

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FSLogix Compact Profiles Feature At Logoff

Microsoft recently released FSLogix Compacting Profile feature that is invoked at user logoff. You can find more information about FSLogix Compact Profile routine here: While

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IT environment management best practices

Implementing IT Environment Management Best Practices

Technology is indubitably the central facet of most business operations. Businesses rely on technological resources to improve workplace efficiency, productivity, and effective resource management in

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IT security for Small and mid sized businesses

IT Security Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

Out of all the reported cyber attacks in 2021, 46% of security breaches impacted small and midsize businesses. When it comes to cyber attacks, these businesses become primary targets because their IT

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CloudNova AVD Manager

Adopting Azure Virtual Desktop Management

Many organizations are adopting cloud desktop services to have a secure and accessible workflow. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is among the leading cloud desktop services that offer great options for configuring

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Intune Windows 10

How to use Intune to manage Windows 10

Microsoft Intune is digitally changing how Microsoft manages the devices issued to its workers. It has adopted modern device management and transformed to Microsoft Endpoint Manager using Intune, Azure

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Data Security in CLoud computing

Data security challenges and its solutions in cloud computing

Cloud computing is providing migratory solutions for various services via the Internet. These solutions include tools and applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networks, and software

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Wintellisys Cloud Migrations

How To Migrate Your Business To The Cloud?

Working in the cloud allows companies to access and use their data from anywhere in the world. Businesses prefer to work in the cloud as their data is more secure, and can be accessed whenever they want,

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Cloud Computing

How Does Cloud Computing Improve Business Flexibility?

Cloud computing is primarily concerned with the provision of scalable IT resources through the internet as opposed to hosting and administering such services locally. It enables a company to adapt to

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