IMAP migration to Office 365

IMAP migration to Office 365 step by step guide

The easiest way to migrate your mailboxes is through IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Luckily, Google supports IMAP for non-Gmail users. IMAP migration to Office 365 can only work with admin access,

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cybersecurity monitoring

Cybersecurity monitoring and why you need it

Cybersecurity Monitoring is the process of continuously keeping an eye on your organization’s network activities to detect cyber threats. Monitored IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in cyber

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Retrieve Assigned Users information from Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Application Groups

Of late, I was busy learning WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop), and I am not even reached halfway in this journey. Team asked me to write a script to pull out the assignment information from all the Windows

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Build and Deploy ARM template using Farmer – Part 1

The tweet shown above caught my attention, and I wanted to give it a try. Yes! Without a doubt, we deployed a few resources in a development environment using Farmer. I thoroughly enjoyed the new

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Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot User-Driven Mode for Azure AD joined

In this article, we will talk of Windows Autopilot user driven-mode in detail. As you know, the Windows Autopilot is primarily used for provisioning a Windows 10 device from an initial stage to a business-ready

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Windows Intune

Intune Application Deployment (Windows)

In this article, we are going to discuss Intune application deployment. Intune is the Microsoft Endpoint manager, that supports a variety of applications for Windows 10 such as Line-of-business Apps (MSI,

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A simple timesheet app using Power Apps

This blog post may help a few IT professionals to build user interfaces using Power Apps with less or no coding experience. To understand the Power Apps in a fun way, we intend to build a timesheet application

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Windows Autopilot – White Glove Deployment

We have discussed different types of Autopilot in the Windows environment. As you remember, Windows autopilot technology simplifies the setup process for new and existing devices, in this article, we

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Intune Application Deployment (Android)

In this article, we are going to discuss Intune Application Deployment for Android devices. Intune supports a variety of applications for Android devices such as Google Play app store (Managed Google

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Intune Enrollment: Windows Part I

In the last blog(put link here to previous post) we discussed about Intune fundamentals and the services offered. The first component we will discuss is Intune Enrollment for Windows. Device enrollment

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Create an Azure Active Directory Service Principal and access resources

This blog post is to walk you through creating a service principal in Azure Active Directory. It’s not that difficult, and we have multiple ways to do it. With no further ado, let me show you the steps.

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Store Custom Logs in Azure Log Analytics Workspace using PowerShell

Introduction I often get some interesting tasks and one among that is to develop a PowerShell script to store custom logs in Azure log analytics workspace. The purpose of storing the logs and fields

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