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Medical Devices Leader Moves to Azure Site Recovery Ensuring Disaster Recovery, Security and Compliance

A Wintellisys Case Study: Medical Services

ambler surgical case study

Project Scope

Our joint goal was to safeguard email, data and workloads utilizing Azure; deploy, scale, and manage. This re-engineered platform will create an automated disaster recovery (DR) architecture on Azure. Azure Site Recovery will ensure availability with cloud-based disaster recovery.

Pre-Migration Environment

  • Physical servers for file data, Microsoft SQL databases, web applications
  • Local Network-attached storage (NAS) backup
  • Email hosted with Gmail

Key Strategies 

Wintellisys utilized a multi-level approach providing protection at both the data and application level.

  • Synchronization to Office 365
  • Installed and configured Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect)
  • Transitioned physical servers to virtual Servers
  • Setup and configured Azure Site Recovery (Hyper-V to Azure Architecture)
  • Setup and configured Azure SQL

About Ambler

Ambler Surgical was founded in 1997 with the goal and vision to create a new experience for surgical facilities worldwide that would provide them with a reliable and efficient resource for specialty surgical instruments – while maintaining the highest standard of quality available in our industry. 

For over two decades, Ambler Surgical has been changing the surgical instrument industry with its dedication to integrity, quality, value, expertise, service and above all convenience – with the most advanced, user-friendly online catalog.

Tony Kroboth, Vice President with Ambler Surgical stated that their business needed a way to address business continuity.

"We continually invest in the latest e-commerce platforms that enable us to implement many of our customer recommendations as well as partnering and distributing the latest and greatest instruments available. We need to a robust backup and recovery strategy, but our business continuity strategy needed improvement. When we sat down and thought about how long it would take us to recover from a cataclysmic event in our server room, it was apparent that our recovery time would be measured in days or weeks instead of hours."

Ambler is in a highly competitive industry and a compromised business environment in a DR situation is not an option. They required a Disaster Recovery solution that is both reliable and cost effective. Compliance and security are a very high priority.

Wintellisys helped to identify Azure Site Recovery as a logical path to address these concerns, and as an entry point to using the Azure platform for other cloud services and migrations.

"We recognized our technical limitations and initiated a discovery process focused on digital transformation.

In a pre-engagement session with Wintellisys it was decided we would initiate the following initiatives; move Gmail to Office 365, transition physical servers for file data, Microsoft SQL databases, web applications to the cloud, and keep running the physical servers locally but replicate them to the cloud, or move all our physical servers to the cloud or an alternative. 

We choose to move all our physical servers to the cloud to allow us access to the maximum ROI from cloud technologies and position us for future initiatives."

In Wintellisys’ experience, Azure Site Recovery was the perfect solution for Ambler’s needs. It provided the flexibility of replicating their data to Azure to a very cost-effective storage platform. 

The ability to quickly failover to an application consistent state in real time was consistent with their need to provide a seamless Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan without sacrificing data integrity or operational down time.  

This approach also facilitated a migration path to Azure.  Wintellisys’ Professional Services implementation Azure Site Recovery accomplished all of the requirements quickly and efficiently.  

Ambler recognized all the benefits of this implementation and now enjoy peace-of-mind knowing their business is constantly being replicated to the cloud.

Wintellisys was excited to be a part of Ambler’s successful implementation of new cloud services and achieve their stated goals.

"Knowing that we are positioned for DR scenarios while adding to the bottom-line has been well received by all stakeholders. The technology integrated into or operational model without issue. We are more prepared for any potential DR requirement and ultimately business continuity."

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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