Cybersecurity monitoring and why you need it

cybersecurity monitoring

Cybersecurity Monitoring is the process of continuously keeping an eye on your organization’s network activities to detect cyber threats. Monitored IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in cyber risk management, helping organizations identify cyber-attacks early and respond before damage and disruption occurs. In addition to helping detect threats, continuous cybersecurity monitoring reduces attack response time and promotes efficiency.

Monitoring security is one of the most critical aspects of business today, especially with the rise of remote working. Digital transformation and cloud-based technologies blur the traditional network perimeter as the workplace becomes increasingly cloud-based and digitalized. Every day, cybercriminals find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities.

Need of Cybersecurity Monitoring

To achieve protection and efficiency, cybersecurity monitoring is of utmost importance. It is necessary when:

  • Worldwide, CIOs and CISOs are all too aware of the cybersecurity talent shortage. Patching known vulnerabilities is essential, but cyber risk teams have to find loopholes that no one has ever noticed or even noticed.
  • Businesses and government IT financial or political points are constantly exposed to various cyber threats these days.
  • Data breaches and data loss caused by cyberattacks can significantly impact your business. Cybersecurity tools are not sufficient, and monitoring is necessary to ensure the organization’s financial health.
  • Several new gangs have entered the market, attackers have become more sophisticated and professional, while the threats have evolved.
  • Cloud-based services are increasing remote working in cases of epidemics or emergencies. Remote working makes it more difficult for businesses to control their computer networks.

How Cybersecurity Monitoring Helps to Protect Business?

Cybersecurity monitoring tackles threats and dangers and is considered the essential need of the era that improves business efficiency in the following manners.

Protect Valuable Information and Reputation

Cyber-attacks can cause severe damage, so cybersecurity monitoring can stop them from spreading across your network. It detects unusual activity and allows you to limit that damage. In this way, you can remain in control of critical data and protect your reputation.

Make Solid Decisions

Cybercriminals are able to access the site through system vulnerabilities. Therefore, continual cybersecurity monitoring allows you to detect unusual changes in your system so that you can take the necessary action.

Employees Productivity

The technology improves employee productivity by keeping track of the IT infrastructure. As a result of improved network performance, employees will work efficiently and complete tasks faster.

Boost Your Business Strategies

Continuous monitoring of systems and functions provides organizations with more freedom and safety to advance their business strategies.

High Cost for Risk Indication

The technology team of business leaders and technology leaders collaborates directly with the cyber risk team to develop a shared view of the top cyber risks facing their businesses, and to do so, define key risk indicators. 

Uses of Cybersecurity Monitoring

Safety for your business, staff, and customers is a huge responsibility that you should not take lightly.

  • With cybersecurity monitoring, you are assured of protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data
  • The monitoring of companies’ security 24\7 takes security to a new level.
  • You can use it to detect unauthorized system changes or suspicious behavior on your network by collecting and analyzing information.
  • It doesn’t fix the problem itself, but offers rapid response services in the form of a security and operations center.

Cybersecurity Monitoring by Wintellisys

Wintellisys is offering cybersecurity services that are aimed to revolutionize the market and make cybersecurity monitoring accessible to any business.

It allows access to Azure, which provides multilayered security across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations of the Microsoft Azure service. Furthermore, it strengthens the security posture of your data centers and provides advanced threat protection for all your workloads.

In addition, it provides several monitoring tools that observe the operations and alert users to abnormal behavior. These tools can identify threats at different levels and notify users. By addressing these issues early in their lifespan, you will improve your overall security posture.

Cybersecurity Monitoring Tools Provided by Azure 

Wintellisys helps you migrate your business to Azure & Office 365 to secure your data and business by using the following tools.

  1. Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  2. Microsoft Sentinel
  3. Azure DDoS Protection
  4. Azure Rights Management (RMS)
  5. Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  6. Azure Governance Visualizer
  7. PSRule for Azure


In summary, cybersecurity monitoring protects, enhances, and ensures the safety of your valuable information. Its preventative technologies can detect threats through data signatures. Cybersecurity monitoring of threats is essential for identifying the most sophisticated threats. Wintellisys Azure Managed Services are designed to enhance your working experience and provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity monitoring.

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