IT Security implementation plan

IT security implementation plan

Today, many companies and individuals are suffering from cybersecurity attacks and other threats. To avoid risks referring to various threats, we created an IT security implementation plan, that any company can implement in their environment.

Even over the last few years, we’ve found that there were more threats happening in the world. These threats caused a significant impact on various companies in all industries. The frequency of cyberattacks has grown up including new phishing schemes and ransomware events.

Which IT security implementation plan to choose?

When considering IT Security, what do businesses pay attention to? There is much information about security, and it might be quite confusing for organizations. Our research shows, that companies require an ultimate solution for a reasonable price.

The ultimate solution means that it’s always better to have a single all-in-one software and support team than to deal with multiple small security organizations. And the price is expected to be reasonable so that companies can also spend their budget on other things.

1. Migrate to the cloud – Microsoft Azure

Wintellisys recommends using Microsoft Azure Services to protect your business. Microsoft is providing cloud-based security services so that you can enjoy running your business and rely on Microsoft to protect your organization from various threats.

Thus, the first step in your IT security implementation plan will be migrating to Microsoft Azure cloud services. The best way to do it is to deal with Microsoft CSP

If you are a small business, we prepared a free IT security checklist for small businesses that you can download here. With the help of this checklist, you will be able to implement the initial security measures in your organization immediately.

You can do it yourself (or with the help of your IT department) or contact certified Microsoft migration professionals, like Wintellisys, who will handle all the migration to Microsoft Cloud and other managed security services for you.

2. Choose appropriate Azure security solutions

For small and medium-sized companies you can use Microsoft Defender and Microsoft 365. These technologies were created for small and mid-size businesses in mind. They can be implemented in your working environment quite fast.

After having these features enabled, you should maintain your IT security monthly, and thus, a small or mid company will be highly secured.

IT security plans

This is just the beginning of the IT security checklist for small businesses. Contact Wintellisys if you want to know more about how to protect your business with Azure Security Services. Our IT specialists are available to implement any Azure solution, from wireless networks to cloud infrastructures, and much more.

If your company is having 100 + employees, we recommend using Enterprise features to secure your organization. In this case, we highly recommend getting an IT security implementation plan strategic consultancy. Do not risk your business, rely on Certified Security Professionals at Wintellisys.

3. Maintaining and Monitoring

After migrating to the Azure cloud services and choosing an appropriate Microsoft security tier, and its implementation, your company must monitor and maintain IT security. It will include the following:

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance and performance optimization of IT infrastructure
  • Updating software, browsers, Operation systems, and other apps
  • Timely Backup creation and scheduling
  • Spam protection and Email security etc.

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