IT Security Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

IT security for Small and mid sized businesses

Out of all the reported cyber attacks in 2021, 46% of security breaches impacted small and midsize businesses. When it comes to cyber attacks, these businesses become primary targets because their IT security is not on par with enterprise-level companies. Thus, you must consider implementing IT Security Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Companies.

One of the biggest reasons small and medium-sized companies are disadvantaged is a lack of staff, skills, and proper resources. This signifies the need for properly implementing and managing IT security solutions to protect your business from such threats. 

What are IT Security Solutions?

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated as security measures advance with new technological innovations. IT security solutions are services or tools that provide security and protection against these cyberattacks. Without solutions, you are providing cybercriminals with the opportunity to access your and your customers’ valuable information. 

You can integrate the following best IT security solutions into your small or medium-sized company to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your company’s assets and maintain the integrity of your sensitive information. These solutions include:

Cloud Security Solution

Cloud-based security services help manage your business security and protect it from various threats. Cloud security can help you with data backups so that you are not out of business in case of a cyberattack. Cloud computing provides migratory solutions such as data storage, servers, and software services to secure your business from possible cyber attacks. Some benefits of a cloud security solution include:


Cloud services provide encryption for your data, rendering it unreadable to any third-party attackers and concealing it from malicious users. This end-to-end data protection to and from the cloud and inside it prevents third parties from being intrusive and stealing it. 

Cost Effectiveness

Cloud storage is one of the best IT security solutions for small and mid-sized companies as they can obtain enterprise-level security for a price equivalent to their workload.


Cloud security provides your small or medium-sized company with preventative measures against data breaches and disruptive outages. But disaster recovery solutions can help companies recover lost data and resume normal business operations if the security is compromised.

IT security for Small and mid sized businesses

Network Security Solution

Small businesses often mistake that they are not under threat of cyber attacks. This makes them ignore the security risks associated with an unsecured network connection. Implementing a network security solution can help manage these restrictions and provide Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), email security, data loss protection, and many more features. 

These solutions also allow you to create a secure connection between the network and the Internet by utilizing a firewall, virtual private network, encryption, and packet filtering. A robust network security solution can provide traffic monitoring for the systems of small and mid-sized companies. 

In the case of cyber attacks, network viruses are among the most commonly used malware to attack vulnerabilities in your system. Network security solutions will help in identifying and preventing potential malicious threats.

Application Security Solution

Application security solutions provide Intrusion detection and prevention services. These take action before your system is compromised by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which is often caused by cybercriminals by utilizing a vulnerability in an application on your system. 

Analyzing different components of your application is another feature that these solutions can provide. They give you information about various aspects of the software on your system and detect vulnerabilities that the application has.

Application programming interfaces are prone to third-party interference. This is because of their information-sharing aspect. Application security solutions can also assist in securing these programming interfaces. 

IT Security Checklist

End-Point Security Solution

In your small or medium-sized company’s chain of command, it is not necessary for an employee to have access to similar business data and resources as a manager. This can prompt inside attacks, caused mainly by previous company employees. 

Endpoint security solutions allow you to restrict and monitor users that access the end server. They also provide security to incoming and outgoing data of a server by scanning it for any malicious content that might introduce a virus or malware to the company’s server. Detection and prevention against ransomware is a security feature offered by these solutions as they utilize multilayer protection and automated threat response.


Just as enterprise-level businesses employ high-tech IT solutions to keep their assets safe from cyber criminals, small and medium-sized companies should also utilize proper safety solutions to avoid vulnerabilities in their systems. Security solutions can help you with network security, firewall protection, integrating IDS and IPS, restricting end server access, and cloud security services. These are great ways such businesses can protect their data against third-party attackers.

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