Managed IT service company in 2022

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Nowadays, most companies and enterprises have to deal with the IT environment and innovations in order to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. Due to a variety of reasons, companies do not have an internal IT department or don’t have employees experienced in a specific field of IT infrastructure. Thus, a company can deal with Managed IT Service company, which has experience and skills in these specific services on a contract basis.

What is a Managed IT Service Company?

Managed IT Service company is an organization providing remote or onsite services referring to IT infrastructure and IT Security. The service usually covers a remote network and IT infrastructure management, providing IT security measures and solving security problems. A managed IT service company is doing its job, while clients are running their business. Another name for such an organization is MSP – Managed Service Provider.

How does Managed IT Service company operate in 2022?

Today a Managed IT Service company is operating in a variety of ways. The services usually include the following:

  • Strategic IT Consulting and Planning
  • Remote and onsite support entire client company computing equipment and environment
  • Various devices setup and configurations for a client company’s employees
  • Server administration and monitoring, reducing server downtimes
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Cybersecurity services and managed IT security
  • Identity and Access Management (IDAM)
  • Migration to the cloud and cloud services
  • Hosting services
  • Hardware as a Service

With the help of the above services, customers can pay attention to their core business and leave IT Service to remote professionals. The same as in the case of other duties, it makes sense to rely on an experienced partner company, like Wintellisys.

Benefits of using managed IT services

A company that is using managed IT services can be ahead of the competition because of reducing risks of cyber security attacks, and using a modern infrastructure, for example – using all advantages of cloud services.

A company that is using managed IT services can be ahead of the competition because of reducing the risks of cyber security attacks and improving IT infrastructure according to the highest IT standards. Wintellisys MSP is taking proactive measures against security threats and possible problems.

Wintellisys team provides defensive and offensive actions to avoid problems in advance. One of the main benefits your company may use is a timely and fast support team of MSP. At Wintellisys we provide 24/7 support and usually reply to urgent issues within an hour. The same is for the server and performance monitoring, your company will have a high level of performance, and if any issue arises, the Wintellisys team will handle it and fix it asap.

Another benefit of working with Wintellisys s that you don’t need to sign long-term agreements, just pay monthly and cancel an agreement anytime, if needed. You will have a dedicated technical expert responsible for your company’s success referring to the IT environment and IT security.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we’d be happy to help your business with IT Managed Services!

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