Operation Automation

Welcome to Azure Monitor.

As soon as you create an Azure subscription and start adding resources such as virtual machines or web apps, Azure Monitor starts collection data. Activity logs record when resources are created or modified. Metrics tell you how the resources is performing and the resources its consuming.


Monitoring data is only useful if it can increase your visibility into the operation of your environment. Azure Monitor includes several features and tools that provide valuable insights into your applications and other resources that they depend on.

Responding to critical situations

In addition to allowing you to interactively analyze monitoring data, an effective monitoring solution must be able to proactively respond to critical conditions identified in data it collects. This could be sending a text or mail to an administrator responsible for investigating an issue. Or you could launch an automated process that attempts to correct an error condition.


Alerts in Azure Monitor proactively notify you of critical conditions and potentially attempt to take corrective action.