Quickbooks To Dynamics 365 Migration

Quickbooks To Dynamics 365 Migration

QuickBooks offers small and medium-sized businesses a chance to easily manage their business transactions. Business owners can accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and carry out payroll functions by getting a Quickbooks to Dynamics 365 Migration from Wintellisys

Most of the time this information is not saved properly.  Quickbooks provides a solution to migrate all the information to a cloud-based system. This new extension is called Dynamics 365 Migration. It transfers all your transactions to the Cloud so you can access it anytime you want. 

How Do The Costs Of On-Premises Compare To The Cloud? 

A premises costs can increase beyond your expectations within no time. You might think that the costs are only limited to licensing, implementation, customization, and training. However, premises costs include the payments for managing data storage, servers, and facilities. The cost of increasing and supporting a platform keeps rising each year. You need to be cognizant of fulfilling the cost of disaster recovery and mobile access. 

Moving to the cloud can help you save the monthly on-premises costs and redeploy your IT costs towards strategic initiatives such as business improvement. It allows you to optimize business solutions and increases employee productivity. Dynamics 365 keeps you updated with the latest business regulations to ensure compliance and provide your users with the latest technologies. 

How Does Dynamics 365 Migration Improve Business?

Dynamics 365 extension stores all your on-premises solutions onto the cloud. It means that as you work your way towards a solution, all the data will be saved. You can analyze all the optics, sales, and profits later with a Cloud solution. 


The best thing about the Dynamics 365 program is that you can access it whenever you want. You don’t need to be at the place of your business to keep track of sales and vendors. All you need is a laptop or a computer and a smartphone with a working internet connection and you can access your information with ease. 

End-to-end Migration Support

The end-to-end migration makes sure that your data is uploaded without any errors. If you feel that there are any problems in the transfer of data from Quickbooks to the cloud, the technical team will provide you with the perfect solution in an instant. You can rely on the end-to-end migration support because it works directly with Microsoft advisors and specialized migration partners to offer quick solutions and a lasting impact on your business. 

Continuous Assistance

The migration program from Quickbooks to Dynamics 365 offers access to experts including migration advisors, migration assessments, pricing offers, tools, and migration support for qualified customers. You can streamline all the information about your customers, vendors, items, and chart of accounts.

You can start the process of balancing transactions in the general ledger and navigate on-hand quantities for inventory items. Dynamics 30 migration allows you to open documents for customers and vendors and keep a record of all the invoices, credit memos, and payments from your current and previous transactions. 

How To Get Started From Quickbooks to Dynamics 360?

If you have decided to migrate your data from Quickbooks to Dynamics 360, you need to specify the accounts to migrate the transaction of those accounts. The most important accounts that are required to migrate data into the cloud are:

  • Sales of Products or Items.
  • Services provided to customers. 
  • Purchases from Vendors
  • Services from vendors
  • Changes in the general ledger. 

QuickBooks Data Migration Extension Installation

If you want to install the data migration extension, you can find it in the assisted setup guide. Dynamics 365 Migration is an integrated part of the Data migration setup. Here are a few steps you can follow: 

  • Export your data from Quickbooks.
  • Select the ”search icon”.
  • Click on “Assisted Setup:
  • Select the link.
  • Select “Migrate Business Data”
  • Follow the next steps to finish the installation.

How To Review Migrated Data?

Once you have installed the extension and migrated the data, the status of your transactions will be unposted; you can review them in your free time. 

  • If you want to make adjustments to the transactions, select the relevant page. 
  • If you need to review unposted sales invoices, go to the Sales invoice page.
  • To view the payment journals, open the “Payment Journals” page.

You will be able to find all the information you need in a matter of seconds. Here are some changes you will need to make after you migrate the data:

  • If our QuickBooks had markup or discount amounts, you need to add them manually before posting the related transactions.
  • Add a business posting group if you use Value Added Tax (VAT) to post VAT amounts.
  • You have to verify the starting balance of accounts in the general ledger as the current balance for your accounts is not saved in Quickbooks.


Quickbooks makes it easy to manage your accounts but with a Dynamics 365 Migration, you will be able to get updates on your account settings through your smartphone. You can access your account transaction whenever you want. If you are ready for Dynamics 365 migration, Wintellisys can offer you all the help you need. 

Get in touch with us right now and start managing your business through a Dynamics 365 Migration. 

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