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Business Continuity for Remote Workforce

Business Continuity for Remote Workforce

Social distancing, government mandates, a modernizing workforce, are some of the challenges business are currently facing. How do you maintain business operations while maintaining management over your employees as well as your company’s data?

Working remotely or from home is not a new endeavor however many organizations are struggling with rapid deployments, ad hoc scaling, employee collaboration, all the while trying to maintain management and security. If you are in a hybrid environment or on-prem only securing access to both legacy applications and cloud-based systems can be a challenge.

Here at Wintellisys, we help our customers reach those goals by assessing their needs and architecting a solution that can be scaled quickly, managed, and secured based on the organizations demand.  Being a direct Microsoft Gold CSP partner, we provide our customers with the flexibility to ramp up and down rapidly, as their business needs require with minimal effort. Because of this flexibility and speed of pivoting, companies are not wasting money on licenses or services that are not absolutely required.

Wintellisys can help you transition your workloads to a variety of cloud offerings quickly and securely.  Choices such as Microsoft Azure, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics to name a few. 

Struggling with inbound and outbound calling? Wintellisys Managed Voice services can help! Transitioning to a completely remote workforce has proven to be an issue with inbound/outbound calling and transfers to other employees who are no longer sitting at their desks.  

Whether you need professional services for architecture and implementation, additional staff resources or are looking for a complete Managed Solution, Wintellisys can help!  Contact us today!

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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