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What is the most important thing that people look for, no matter if they are visiting a school, a workplace, or even somebody’s house? It is safety and security. Lack of security leads to robberies and other such crimes that we read in daily newspapers. Same in the case of IT Sectors, these days are an essential requirement for business. Every business in the developed world uses computers, and most of these are connected to the internet. And each business requires a reliable IT Security Compliance.

However, this technology revolution comes with its own set of problems concerning information security; there are threats from outside (hacker), from inside (accidental or deliberate misuse), and from natural hazards (fire, power cuts, etc). This means that many businesses are finding it necessary, for the first time, to consider using IT security services from a reliable service provider.

We have heard it over and over again; protect your personal information because identity theft is a standout amongst the most pervasive violations current online and digital environment. A criminal can do a lot with your personal information, which incorporates destroying your credit records and your credibility.

Data security is an imperative part of the modern business environment. Personal information has become one of the most valuable commodities, targeted by hackers and thieves tightly guarded by consumers. is required by the major credit card companies of every vendor who processes stores or transmits this delicate data, but adhering to the standards of the PCI is the best way to increase data security and customer loyalty.

Before moving further, let’s discuss something about HIPAA Compliance:

What is HIPAA Compliance?

The Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPAA) were enacted in 1996 to do four things: protect the health insurance of workers in the event of job transition, establish federal standards for computerized healthcare transactions, establish federal identifiers for healthcare parties and health insurance plans, and improve the security of patient medical data. For attorneys, this fourth aspect of the act – the security medical data – can bring unique compliance issues to the discovery process. In order to retrieve medical documents, attorneys must comply with the guide for rules. Otherwise, they risk not receiving a document on time, or worse yet, criminal penalties.

At Wintellisys, we help companies all around the world that are dealing with regulatory compliance for instance PCI, HIPAA, etc. We provide unconventional IT Security and compliance way to give your business the right place against any compliance risk. With us, data is in safe hands, our patriot compliance act, including SOX and HIPAA compliance sets all standard for protecting sensitive data.

Today, security is the top most important concern for every business owner; at Wintellisys our experts make all possible efforts to lessen all your problems. Here you can expect plenty of IT services such as Secure Email, Wireless security, Networking security, and more.

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