Managed Services

Managed Security Services

Wintellisys uses a holistic approach to security using best-of-breed, cutting edge proven tools.

We use a 3-phased approach:

We guide customers to secure privileged accounts following Tier0 principals also known today as Enhanced Security Administrative Model: ESAE. We quickly convert all user populations to a Multi Factor Authentication to ensure identities.

We deploy the full Microsoft suite of security products and tailor them to the customer, industry and posture that is appropriate. Further we integrate all products in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Our operations then monitor that using Azure Sentinel and Advanced Threat Protection as baseline toolset. We don’t stop there!

We go even further: We use AI to analyze and detect threats quickly! We will then proactively investigate and hunt for aberrant activities. We automate all of this so our customers don’t have to. We're not your typical MSP that sells Antivirus: NO!

A prime mover in the threat world is password reuse and exposure because of organization breeches. We prevent this by employing Human Intelligence to collect stolen and leaked credentials belonging to our customers so they can action on this intelligence and change password etc. We also use a specialized automated collection services to assist in the data verification and quality assurance.

We believe these are true differentiaters.

Let us show you how exposed you are - Click here for a free assessment of your vulnerable passwords.

Are Your Emails and Passwords
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