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We, at Wintellisys, believe in designing simple solutions for complex IT world. Our simple approach not only helps you run a smooth IT environment but can also help you reduce the infrastructure costs. Try our solutions for free.

  • No Need of SQL Database.
  • No infrastructure changes needed.
  • No need to install Agents.

Wintellisys WVD Manager

Version 3.0

Try Wintellisys WVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) Manager – a solution that offers insights into customer’s WVD environment and several management tasks to ease the management from a single console.

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Wintellisys IT Health &
Risk Profiler

Version 5.4.1

Wintellisys IT Health & Risk Profiler is capable of performing health & security assessment of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft DHCP Server. Product can also be used to perform Cyber Security Assessment.

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