Why is working with a Recruiter a good idea?

Your job is to get the career you deserve; so why not use every resource you can find to secure that position.  When I speak to prospective candidates, I always recommend they align themselves with a good recruiter in their geographical location and/or the geographical location they wish to move to.  You do not owe your allegiance to those recruiters or recruiting companies that balance your interests with their client company interests. 

Once you have built a relationship with a good recruiter, here are a couple of examples on why working with one is a good idea.

  1. A good recruiter will be interested in you and take the time to know you. They will commit themselves to finding you the RIGHT opportunity to meet your career goals.
  • A good recruiter will have built a relationship with their clients. They will have insight to positions that are not yet on the job boards.  At times, they will have information on opportunities that never make it to a job board. They will know the culture of the Company and know if it is a right fit for you.
  • Resume advice!  We see hundreds of resumes a week. We are more than happy to give you feedback on your resume and even offer advice/tips to preparing an excellent resume.  The more you take that advice seriously, the better your chance of success.
  • Job Boards.  When I have time, I give candidates some insight on getting your resume seen on the job boards.  You want your resume to show up in the first couple pages of a recruiter’s search.  We can tell you how to do that in an effective and ethical way.
  • You get free interviewing preparation. Your recruiter will want you to do well in your interview. They will give you tips on interviewing well and some insight on the manager/company you will be interviewing with.  If they do not, it is time to go back and select a different recruiter.

I always suggest doing your homework on the recruiters in your area. Find a recruiter you are comfortable with and one with whom you can build rapport. They will be your biggest supporter in your quest for your best new opportunity.

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