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Why Move to the Cloud

Why Move to the Cloud

Get the bonus of FREE data backup. Plus, unlimited cloud support 24/7/365.

why move to the azure cloud

Digital Transformation in the Cloud
Your business gets a competitive advantage.

  • Lower and more predictable IT costs.
  • Rapid deployment and scaling. No hardware to buy and set up.
  • Painless migration and on-boarding process.
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Choose Wintellisys to Migrate to Azure & Office 365

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FREE Migration & Data Backup

Highly Secure Cloud Services

Proven Migration Framework

40+ Years Migration Experience

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Don't Wait, Start Now

The technology around us is continually changing. It’s critically important to recognize the impact these changes have on your business. Are your competitors adopting new technologies before you that will give them a competitive advantage? Are you keeping pace with the expectations of your digitally-disposed clients and suppliers? 

By not making necessary changes now might mean you will be too far behind to ever catch up. That’s exactly why you need to move to the cloud. Once you’ve migrated safely (and easily), your digital transformation will happen with ease.

The Many Benefits of Cloud

Enhanced Intelligence 

Data is the new global currency. Accurately reporting on and analyzing your business and market both internally and externally is an absolute game changer. 

​Engagement & Range 

Utilizing applications, cognitive services and collaborative digital spaces will not only radically improve your existing customer experience, but it will also attract more customers. When you’re serious about your own transformation, your customers know you’re equally serious about theirs. 

​Transformative Collaboration 

Your access to the newest collaborative features and tools can transform your workforce. Numerous people who need to work on a single document simultaneously? No problem. While teams are working out of the same project platform, all conversations, notes and documents can be stored centrally for streamlined collaboration. 

Low Cost, Agility & Security

Competitive Edge 

Stay relevant and be seen. Digital transformation ensures your company stays in the game. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, your ability to adapt means you can flourish. 

​Mobility Means Freedom 

Enabling your team to work faster and smarter is now so easy. Access limitations or time constraints are over – Just better business from any device, any time – 24/7. 


You’ll have the freedom to scale up or down monthly, whatever your business needs. You never pay for more than you what you use. You decide when you need more, or less. It’s just your best option. 

​Secure Data Protection 

The most secure services in the world will keep your most important asset, your business data, on lockdown. Security threats, crashing servers and downtime will be a thing of the past. 

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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