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Windows Virtual Desktop Manager

Why Choose Wintellisys WVD Manager?

Wintellisys WVD Manager solution is built on top of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service. The solution offers insights into customer’s WVD environment and several management tasks to ease the management from a single console. The solution offers features such as sessions monitoring, FSLogix health monitoring, WVD PCI security & compliance status and enabling organizations to reduce the overall VDI infrastructure cost by utilizing built-in scaling policies and so on.

Migrate to Azure WVD

Choose Wintellisys to migrate to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Wintellisys WVD Team can help migrate your On-Premises environment to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and enable employees to successfully work from home.

  • We leverage Wintellisys Assessment Automation Framework (WAAF) to discover On-Premises environment.
  • Wintellisys WVD Team uses WAAF to assess the application requirements and build plans to successfully migrate applications to WVD.
  • Our WVD Team creates master WVD Images based on the applications and workload types and then test all the applications.
  • We present a POC to you to ensure all criteria are met discussed with you during the assessment phase.
  • We submit a design guide to you for approval.
  • Once we have approval from you, we roll out WVD in multiple phases.
  • Finally, we use Wintellisys WVD Manager to maintain the WVD environment and help in reducing the overall OPEX and CAPEX for the customer.

WVD Manager Benefits

Predict and prepare the optimal number of Session Hosts before users attempt to log in.

Based on the actual workloads in the past, the system has learned to scale the number of Session Hosts exactly as needed.

Weekends and holidays with different workloads are intelligently considered.

Users separated from the system are actively logged off according to predefined Auto-Scaling rules.

Only the cloud resources used are charged. The virtual machines in the cloud environment are no longer paid according to “time on.”

WVD Manager Features:

Wintellisys WVD Team can help migrate your On-Premises environment to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and enable employees to successfully work from home.

  • Manage Every Aspect Of Your WVD: Manage every aspect of your WVD environment by using a single console.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: Single Cloud Console/Software to view real-time dashboard such as Active Sessions, FSLogix Health, Session Hosts Health and so on.
  • Robust Auto-Scaling Mechanism: Robust Auto-Scaling Mechanism helps in reducing the Infrastructure cost by turning off VMs when not needed.
  • Built-In Cost Analyzer: Use our Built-In Cost Analyzer to produce charts which could help you reduce the overall infrastructure cost. 
  • Diagnostics Alerts for FSLogix: WVD Manager supports sending alerts for FSLogix.
  • WVD Security & Compliance Manager: The built-in Security & Compliance Manager provides PCI Security & Compliance status for all the WVD resources.
  • Perform WVD-Related Management Tasks: Perform daily operational WVD related tasks such as logging off users, disconnecting stale sessions, managing RDS owners and so on.
  • Patch Session Hosts: WVD Manager can be used to patch all or selected session hosts. You can also schedule patching of Session Hosts using WVD Manager.

Our Clients

Wintellisys has been the go-to Microsoft Gold Partner for Office 365, Exchange and Azure cloud migrations. Here are some of our clients.

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