Wintellisys prepared a list of screenshots that may help you operate CloudNova better

Session Host Dashboard

Shows hosts health status shows you the status of all Session Hosts in each Host Pool and also allows you to take several actions on hosts and host pools.

Sessions Manager

Sessions Manager allows you to see active and disconnected sessions for each Host Pool and also allows you to take actions such as remove, log off or shadow sessions.

Hosts Monitor & Actions

Hosts Monitor & Actions allows you to view CPU and Memory usages for each Session Host and also allows you to take several actions such as Showing FSLogix Profiles, FSLogix Configuration, Resources Usage details per user and per application and also be able to kill a process.

RBAC Manager

RBAC Manager can be used to define granular policies for a user. For example, you can add Help Desk users under CloudNova and use RBAC Manager to make only a few components of CloudNova available such as Sessions Manager and Hosts Monitor & Actions.

Notifications & Actions Center

Notifications & Actions Center can be used to configure different types of notifications. For example, you can configure a notification to receive an email when any of the session hosts go unavailable. Similarly, you can configure notifications to receive an email if turned on session hosts are in drain mode.

Image Manager

Use Image Manager to show available images deployed in the Azure Subscription and also be able to capture an Image or deploy a new Shared Gallery Image.

Profiles Manager

Use Profiles Manager to see FSLogix Profiles from Profile Shares and also be able to take actions such as delete or compact an FSLogix Profile.