Compare PRO and Enterprise

Compare WVD Manager PRO and ENTERPRISE Editions

We offer WVD Manager in two editions; PRO and ENTERPRISE. The Enterprise Edition provides features such as Cost Analyzer and RBAC Manager. Here we provide a comparison table for WVD Manager PRO and Enterprise Editions.

Compare WVD Manager PRO and ENTERPRISE Editions before you decide to buy.



FREE Version




Allow addition of multi-tenant.

Single Tenant


Session Hosts Health – AutoRefresh

Session Hosts health and idle session hosts.

User Sessions Dashboard - AutoRefresh

Users can see number of active users, disconnected users, user list, active session hosts, etc.

 FSLogix Health Status

Check FSLogix Large Profiles, Not Used Profiles, Disk Space, Profile Status etc.

 Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance dashboard for WVD Resources.

WVD Management

Adding Users

Allow admins to add single or bulk users.

 User Sessions Manager

Allow admins to take actions such as log off, disconnect, and filter active and disconnected sessions.

 Manage WVD Users Sync

Allows admins to manage users sync with Active Directory security groups.

WVD Tenant Info

 Get WVD Tenant Info

Collect WVD Tenant information.

 Get WVD Role Assignment

Collect Roles assignment and allows Admins to add/remove roles.

WVD Host Pools Info

 Get WVD Host Pools

Collect info about host pools and configure pool settings.

 Get WVD Start Menu Apps

Allow Admins to list applications installed on the image and be able to add/remove applications.

 Get WVD Application Groups

Collect info about WVD Application Groups and add/remove app groups.

 Get WVD Application Group Users

Collect info about users added to WVD and allow addition/removal of users to WVD pools.

WVD Session Hosts Info

 Get WVD Session Hosts

Collect info about session hosts.

 Get WVD Session Hosts OS Version

Collect info about Session Hosts OS Version.

 Get WVD Session Hosts Agent Version

Collect info about Session Hosts Agent version.

 Get WVD Session Hosts Last Heartbeat

Collect info about Session Hosts Heartbeat and Last Heartbeat timestamp.

 Get WVD Session Hosts Update Status

Get info about Session Hosts Patching status and last date when Session Hosts were patched.

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 Policy Manager

Allows Admins to configure Policies such as Auto-Scaling, Turn-On/Off Policy, etc.

 Cost Analyzer

Cost Analyzer can be used to check Active users Per Hour and hosts needed during particular hour for each day. Cost Analyzer maintains data history.

 Operational Log

Log Manager is used to display different types of App-related logs.

 FSLogix Configuration Manager

FSLogix Configuration Manager can be used to review and change the configuration of FSLogix Agent.

WVD Notification Center

WVD Notification Center is used to provide reporting on WVD such as VDI Matrix Report, FSLogix Report, etc. The feature supports configuring intervals and sending reports and notifications via email.

WVD Assessment Manager

WVD Assessment Manager can be used to produce a report on WVD configuration. The Assessment Manager uses Reporting Template which can be modified by the Admins.

RBAC Manager

RBAC Manager is designed to configure Role-Based Access for WVD App Components.

Application Manager

Application Manager is used to manage applications installed on the WVD Image.

Session Hosts Manager

Session Hosts Manager can be used to deploy Session Hosts to selected Pools. It supports creating multiple Templates for different deployment needs.

FSLogix Profiles Manager

FSLogix Profiles Manager can be used to perform Profiles Management Tasks such as Compacting Profiles, fixing Permissions on profiles and so on.

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