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CloudNova AVD Management Solution features explained

Wintellisys CloudNova Features



 Cost Analyzer

Gathers AVD Cost related data from managed AVD Tenants. It can be used to check Active users Per Hour and hosts needed during particular hour for each day. Cost Analyzer maintains data history.

 Notification Center

AVD Notification Center is used to provide reporting on AVD such as AVD Matrix Report, FSLogix Report, etc. The feature supports configuring intervals and sending reports and notifications via email.

Session Hosts Health

Shows hosts health status and allows you to take several actions on hosts and host pools.

Available Actions:

  • Turn On All Hosts: Turn on all Session Hosts in All Host Pools for selected Tenant
  • Turn Off All Hosts: Turn off all Session Hosts in All Host Pools for selected Tenant
  • Turn On Selected Session Hosts: Turn On Selected Session Hosts in Grid.
  • Turn Off Selected Session Hosts: Turn Off Selected Session Hosts in Grid.
  • Remove Selected Session Hosts: Remove Selected Session Hosts in Grid.
  • Turn Off All: Used to turn off all hosts for selected Host Pool.
  • Turn On All: Used to turn on all hosts for selected host Pools.
  • Remove Hosts: Used to remove all hosts for selected Host Pool.
  • Deploy Hosts: Used to deploy Additional Hosts for selected Host Pool.
  • Set False: Used to put a Session Host in Drain Mode.
  • Set True: Used to remove a Session Host from Drain Mode.
  • Turn Off: Turn Off selected Session Host VM
  • Turn On: Turn On selected Session Host VM
  • Remove Host: Used to remove a Single Host

 24 Hours Status

Can check 24 Hours status for AVD Tenant which includes showing hourly users connections, average connections and Scaling Status.

 Monitor & Actions

Can be used to monitor Session Hosts, CPU and Memory usages per session hosts, and users connected to each session hosts.

Available Actions:

  • Send Message To Users: Send MSG to Users
  • Show Resources Details: See resources such as CPU and Memory for selected Session Host.
  • Show Users Connected: Shows users connected for selected Session Host.
  • Memory Usage Per User: Shows Memory Usage Per User.
  • Resources Usage Per App: Shows Resources for Applications running on Session Host.
  • Monitor Session Host: Monitor a particular Session Host.
  • Show FSLogix Log: Shows FSLogix Log from a Session Host
  • Search User Profile: Search for User Profile on a Session Host.
  • Show FSLogix Config: Shows FSLogix Config on a selected Session host.
  • Execute Script: Execute a Script on selected Session Host.
  • Reset FSLogix Config: Resets FSLogix config on selected Session Host.
  • Deploy Application: Deploys Application on selected Session Host.
  • Patch Session Host: Patch selected Session Host.
  • Enable Real-Time Monitoring: Enable Real-Time Monitoring for Session Hosts.

 AVD Info

Shows AVD related information such as Host Pools, Start Menu Apps, Application Groups, Session Hosts deployed in each host pool and their patching status.

 RBAC Manager

RBAC Manager can be used to delegate tasks to users. RBAC Manager supports Azure AD Logins also.

Available Actions:

  • Register User: Register a new user with CloudNovaDesk.
  • Reset User: Reset tasks for selected user.
  • Save Tasks for User: Save Task Settings for selected user.
  • Assign All Tasks: Assign All Tasks for selected user.
  • UnAssign All Tasks: Unassign All Tasks for selected user.
  • Remove Current User: Removes current user.
  • Remove All Users: Remove all users from CloudNovaDesk for selected customer

 Policy Manager

Policy Manager can help you define Scaling Policies for Host Pools.


  • Create New Policy: Create a new VM Policy.
  • Save Current Policy: Save current policy settings.
  • Remove Current Policy: Removes current policy.
  • Remove All Policies: Remove all policies

Notification Center

AVD Notification Center can be used to configure Notifications, AVD Reports, and Actions.

Image Manager

Browse through available Shared and Custom Images deployed in each AVD Tenant.


  • Remove All Images: Removes all Images.
  • Capture Image: Used to capture an Image from a VM.
  • Create Master Image: Used to create a Master Image by deploying a Shared Gallery Image.
  • Show Attributes: Shows attributes for selected Image.
  • Remove Image: Removes selected Image.
  • Explore VHD: Browse Image VHD.
  • Edit Image: Lets you deploy a VM out of Image and modify settings

Assessment Manager

Assessment Manager can be used to do assessment of AVD Platform for selected AVD Tenant and generate an Assessment Report recording all deployed AVD Resources in an AVD Tenant.

Templates Manager

Use Templates Manager to create different types of templates.


  • Create Template: Used to create individual Template.
  • Create AVD Template: Used to create an AVD Template for new AVD Deployment.
  • Save Current Template: Save current Template settings.
  • Reset Parameters: Reset parameters to default for current Template.
  • Remove Current Template: Removes current template.
  • Remove All Templates: Removes all templates from CloudNovaDesk for customer.

Sessions Manager

Perform user management tasks such as logging off and removing users and finding and removing stale sessions.


  • Logoff All Disconnected: Used to logoff all disconnected sessions for selected AVD Tenant.
  • Remove All Disconnected: Used to remove all disconnected sessions for selected AVD Tenant.
  • Remove All Stale Sessions: Removes all stale sessions for selected AVD Tenant.
  • Export Users List: Exports current sessions in XLS.
  • Update Account Type: Used to check Stale Sessions without refreshing complete AVD Sessions.
  • Launch Quick Action: Used to take a quick action for a user.
  • Logoff: Logs off individual session.
  • Remove: Removes individual session.
  • Shadow: Takes shadow of selected session.
  • MSG: Send a message to selected user.

Profiles Manager

Manage all profiles located on shared folders from Profiles Manager. 


  • Add Profile Server: Used to add Profile Server under the management of CloudNovaDesk.
  • Export Profiles: Used to export Profiles.
  • Update Profiles Size: Action can be used to update profiles size for selected Tenant and Share.
  • Compact All Profiles: Can be used to compact all profiles in pane.
  • Get Handles: Get profile handle and close handles which are not needed.
  • Compact: Compact individual profile.
  • Delete: Delete individual profile.
  • Refresh Size: Can be used to refresh size of individual profile

Manage Assignments

Assignments can be added/removed directly from CloudNovaDesk for each managed AVD Tenant.


  • Add Assignments: Used to add selected assignments.
  • Process Assignment Template: Used to process an assignment template created using Templates Manager.
  • Export Assignments: Used to export assignments.
  • UnAssign: Used to unassign selected user in pane.
  • Show Users: Shows users available in the selected Group.

Execute PowerShell Scripts

Allows Admins to execute PowerShell Scripts on Session Hosts.


Execute Script: Used to execute script from Template on selected Session Host.

Execute Script: Used to process Script Template for all Session Hosts.

AVD Deploy

Quickly deploy AVD in a new Tenant which includes creating host pools, creating a shared gallery image, deploying session hosts and configuring FSLogix Configuration on session hosts. It also deploys Optimization Template.

Policy Agent Log

Shows VM Policies log. You can see Policy processing actions if policy is configured in the Audit Mode.

KPI Agent

KPI Agent is available to provide KPI Matrix. The KPI Agent gets installed on Session Hosts and be able to show KPI related information in the CloudNovaDesk

Operational Logs

Can see operational logs for selected user. 

Notification Logs

Shows Notification Logs for processing done by Action Center, Report and Notification Agents.


Multiple Dashboards are available in Wintellisys CloudNova to help you understand overall status of infrastructure. 

Sessions Manager Dashboard:
Sessions Manager can show the number of users active in each host pool, disconnected users, and the number of users that are pending to join AVD. Sessions Manager also allows you to take various actions such as Logging off user / Removing User or shadowing a user session.

Session Hosts Health Dashboard:
Session Hosts Health Dashboard shows the current health of session hosts in the AVD environment. It shows the number of Session Hosts in each Host pool, how many session hosts are in the drained mode, heartbeat status of each session host, and VM status.

CloudNova Cost Analyzer

Wintellisys CloudNova AVD Management Solution provides a Cost Analyzer component which could
be used to provide insights on the cost related items such as number of Session Hosts Active Vs Extra
Hosts Turned On and then let you decide how many Session Hosts need to be active during each hour.

Other CloudNova Features

User Management Tasks
CloudNova offers certain AVD management tasks such as disconnecting a single or bulk user, filtering active or disconnected connections, force logoff, and other management tasks which WVD admins can find useful.

Add Users In Bulk
CloudNova is used to add users to the AVD host pool in bulk. All you need is a CSV file that contains the User Principal Names per line.

RBAC Manager
Define Role-Based Access for your Teams to allow/deny access to certain AVD Components. For example, you can define a Policy that lets Level 1 access only Patch Manager Feature of AVD Manager and so on.

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